How To Install A Bifold Door Jamb: Step By Step Guide & Materials Required

Step By Step Guide And The Materials Required To Install A Bifold Door Jamb

The bifold doors are mainly used in the home area due to the fact that they do not take up much space when they are opened rather than the other doors. Usually, the cheap doors are crafted from the plastic or the metal materials and are also having the fragile rollers or the tracks that also fails but the real wood bifold door consists of the high-grade metal hardware that will last for a longer period of time and will also work perfectly. These kinds of doors are very easy to get trimmed off to fit their jambs. The users can easily install the bifold door jamb at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Measuring Tape, Top Track & Hacksaw
  • End Caps, Screws & Screwdriver
  • Bottom Pivot Bracket, Bifold Doors, Hinges & Table Saw


  • Calculate The Width: Start by measuring the depth in between the pre-existing jambs of the bifold door. Then buy the upper track of the bifold that should be near about 1/4 inch lesser than their calculated depth. Then trim the non-pivot trackside to almost 1/4 inch lesser than the calculated depth of the opening by using the hacksaw.
  • Screw Down The Track: Then drift the hanger of the track with the wheels directly within the door track. Drift the socket within the track in addition to a socket to the exterior side. Then calculate one inch from the corner that is facing the front side of the topmost door jamb. Markdown the diagonal line crosswise to the length of the jamb and then place the door track on that marked line with the axile on the side where the users want to swivel it. Then screw down the track within the topmost door jamb by screwing down the screws at each hole within the door track.
  • Affix The Bracket With The Floor: After that, dump the plum bob within the track center to the axile position. Then drift the bracket beneath the bob in a way that the base bracket will line up with the uppermost pivot bracket. Then draw the bracket outline over the floor and then screw down the bracket within the floor area. Most types of bifold door jambs easily get affixed with the floor.
  • Bind The Door Jamb: Then stretch out the bifold door and calculate the depth. The users need to observe the direction of the manufacturers so as to trim the door preceding to hang it. Then they need to detach the material within the sides of the hinges by using the table saw and then affix the hinges again. Then the users need to hit lightly the pins and the roller as well directly within the base and top holes penetrated at the door ends. In order to bind the door jamb swivel the axile outwards.
  • Adjust The Bifold Door: Finally put the pin within the uppermost trach axile position and then gently raise the door. Then drop the base pin within the base brackets and then put the pin within the track-wheel by simply pushing it downwards over the pin and then release the pivot pin. Then the users can easily adjust the bifold door by installing the screws on each of the bracket points.
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