How To Identify Wood Types In Furniture: Three Easy Ways To Recognize Wood Types

Three Easy Ways To Identify/Recognize The Wood Types In Furniture

The hardwood is usually created from the flowering plants and the softwoods are usually derived from the conifers. Painting down the surface of the wood or the weathering also changes the wood surface. The users can easily identify the wood type in furniture by gathering the below-mentioned material and then following the below-described ways:

Items Required

  • 1 x 3 x 6 Wood Sample
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Identification Book
  • Postage
  • Envelopes

Way I- Identifying The Common Woods

  • Determine: The users need to start by determining whether their wood is a solid wood piece and to do so they need to check the end of the piece if it does not display any grain or the ring pattern then it is the type of the plywood and it won't get identified.
  • Decide: Then they need to decide if it is painted or weathered as most of the wood usually takes up the grey or the blue color as they get weathered in the wind, rain or in the sun. The type of wood that has been painted taking up the look of the other wood and the users will easily identify the color is even or the wood is having the varnish over it.
  • Sand: The users then need to sand down the sample so that the wood is exposed to its bare side and this is important to determine whether it is based on the grain or the color.
  • Oak: Then they need to find out whether the sample wood is of the oak and this is one of the common types of wood that is used to craft the furnishing items. The oak wood is usually present in the light brown color but can also appear in the light blonde or red color and also consists of the dark grain lines throughout its surface.
  • Cherry: Then they need to find out whether the sample wood is cherry and if the wood is having the reddish colored appearance but consists of the dark grain then it is the cherry wood.
  • Walnut: Then they need to find out whether the sample wood is walnut and if the wood is having the large grain rays and is having the chocolate brown color then it is the walnut wood.
  • Maple: The user then needs to find out is the sample wood is the maple and if the wood is having the wide grain then it is maple. If the wood is having the distinctive grain then it is pine wood and if the wood is having their light yellow color then it is the poplar wood.

Way II- Identifying The Unsualy Wood

  • Wood Type: The users need to find out that their wood type does not belong to the hard or the softwoods that are mentioned below:
  • Wood Sample: They need to take up the wood sample and then sand it down by using the sandpaper so that the bare woodside is exposed and then place this wood near the computer.
  • Online: Then they need to link online on the wood database as on this site there are pictures available of all the common and the rare type of the hardwood. They need to scroll and check all the wood pictures and if they find out any picture that resembles with the wood sample then they need to look for more information about the type of wood.

Way III-identifying The Wood In Laborartory

  • Cut: The users need to cut the wood sample and they can cut near about 5 different samples of the wood and they need to make sure that each of the wood samples should be near about 3/6 inches in size.
  • Label: Then the users need to label all of their wood samples and then place each one of the samples in each one of the envelopes and then label each of them with different letters.
  • Wood Research Lab: The user then needs to send it to the wood research lab and the users are advised to wait for almost six weeks to receive the information regarding their samples. If the users want their furniture wood item to get identified quickly then they are advised to contact their local carpenter or the person that deals with the wood for the immediate consultation respectively.
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