How To Hide Scratches In Wood Floors: Steps To Cover & Fix Scratches On Hardwood Floors

It's normal to get scratches on the wood floor. However, people take good care of the wood floor by refinishing or repainting it but still get scratches by pets, moving heavy things like furniture on it or by the small stones and litter. So in order to move heavy things on the wood floor always use protective pads.

Steps To Cover Or Remove The Scratches From Hardwood Floors

Some easy and quickest steps to hide or fix the wood scratches are given below:
  1. Clean: Before starting work on wood scratches, clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner, which is the best way to clean the wood floor.
  2. Sand Paper: Medium grit sandpaper is used for sanding process that needs to be rubbed on the Scratches. The sandpaper will clear the surface of the wood floor and make the floor ready for cleaning and refinishing.
  3. Baking Soda: Make a paste of baking soda with olive oil and mix it well then apply it on the scratches.
  4. Mix: Remember never apply water and liquid cleaner directly on the wood floor and also avoid brooms and scrub pads. Now take a spray bottle and mix a full cup of liquid soap with water in it and start spraying over the floor.
  5. Paint: After following all the steps, now it is time to paint the wood floor. So take the paint which is suitable for the wood floor and paint it with a paintbrush or with a roller.
  6. Dry: Finally let the wood floor dry with fan air and wait for a maximum of 24 hours.
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