How To Hide Metal Shelves: 4 Different Ways Of Hiding Metal Shelves

4 Different Ways Of Hiding Metal Shelves

Usually, the shelves are used to store up different household items but they are not attractive. It does not matter how much organized the shelves are, the goods that are stored on these shelves appear to be cluttered. The users can make their shelves blend perfectly with their room interior by simply covering it. Here are some of the different ways by which the users can hide their metal shelves:

Way I: Curtains That Are Having The Hook-And-Loop Tape

The easiest way to cover up the metal shelves is by installing the well-paneled curtains on its front side by using the hook and the loop tape. If in case the sides are unbound then the users need to install one panel on each side. The smoothened side panel requires being same as per the height and the width of the side. The users need to use the panel pair at the front unit. In order to make their own, the users need to add the two inches to each calculation and then stitch the one-inch hem to each panel side. They also need to stitch the soft tape strips on the top of the curtain that is termed as the headers. They need to affix the hook and the tape on the top front of the shelves and on its sides if required. They need to press the tape of the curtains to the tape on the metal shelf so as to hang down the curtains.

Way II: Curtains With The Rod

Another way to hide the items stored within the shelf is by rod-affixed curtains with the rings as well. For the single shelves, the users need to install the rod that is having less thickness on the shelf top by using the brackets and for the multiple shelves, they need to install the ceiling affix rod with the edge caps. In order to measure the height of the curtain, they need to start measuring from the installed ring base to the surface of the floor. Then measure the width of the curtain by multiplication of the united width of the shelves by one point five. Then they need to divide the total result in half so as to attain the curtain width. Then they need to add two inches to each size dimension and then trim down the fabric as per the calculated measurements. Then they need to hem all the panel sides with the one-inch hem. After that, affix the rings and then simply hang down the curtains over the rod.

Way III: Using The Slipcovers

In order to cover up all the goods and prevent them from the dust, the users are advised to slipcover their metal shelves. These are ideal to get used in the garage area where the users are focused on the function rather than trying to make the items look pleasing. The users need to calculate the width and the length of the top shelf, sides, and the front as well and then add the five inches to the calculated measurements. Trim the two trap pieces or the canvas to the measurements of the front and the side. Then trim one-pieces as per the measurements of the top and then stitch the pieces with the half-inch allowance of the seam respectively.

Way IV: Doors

The users can also cover up their shelves by crafting the door pair and they need to contact the blacksmith or any other professionals to make up the perfect doors for the metal shelves. To position the base corner of the initial slide over the line, the users need to place the front-most slide edge at the back of the mark near to the cabinet face.
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