How To Hide Laundry Room Plumbing: Different Ways Of Hiding Laundry Room Plumbing

Different Ways Of Hiding Laundry Room Plumbing

The laundry room is regarded as one of the functional spaces in any home, however, it has all the cords as well as hoses fixed to appliances, due to this reason, it is not always the attractive room in a home. If in case you want to decorate your laundry room as well as hide unattractive plumbing, then there are some of the ways in order to make space functioning and emphatic. Hiding plumbing, to decorate your laundry room space, is a very easy task which you can do yourself easily without hiring a professional, which can be very costly.

Way 1: Conceal Plumbing With Appliances

One of the easy ways to hide the plumbing of your laundry room is at the backside of your washer and dryer. Prepare & plan the design of your laundry room in such a way that your washer and dryer hide the hot as well as the cold water faucets and the dryer hose. Generally, the laundry room plumbing is extremely low that it is easy to use your appliances in order to hide unappealing plumbing features. Position a small wooden table betwixt your appliances in order to hide extra pipes, cords as well as vents. If in case the washer or dryer is not available, then you can use a wardrobe, solid table, or bookcase so that you can hide the plumbing from view.

Way 2: Store Appliances In A Closet

Another way is to design a storage space in order to hide your laundry room plumbing as well as appliances. Camouflage the washer, dryer as well as plumbing features at the backside of the closed closet doors or cabinetry. If in case your washer and dryer are assembled, a narrow pantry closet or a hollowed-out shelving unit can also be used to store the appliances and plumbing items. For an ordinary side-by-side washer and dryer, take the help of a coat closet or built-in cabinets in order to hide the appliances and plumbing.

Way 3: Create A Fabric Skirt

Stitch or buy a fabric skirting in order to camouflage your laundry appliances and plumbing. Since washer and dryer plumbing generally is located halfway down a wall, you can use a fabric skirt so that you are able to hide the plumbing and appliances. Fasten the skirting to a permanent shelving unit over your appliances or a tension rod betwixt the two walls where your washer and dryer are situated. If in case the laundry appliances are in use, at that time, pick up the fabric curtain and then place it on the washer and dryer in order to access the interior sections of the appliances. Usually, a fabric skirt is the best option when it comes to hiding with side-by-side washers and dryers.

Way 4: Install Sliding Doors

Another best way is the installation of the wooden sliding doors at the front side of your washer and dryer in order to camouflage plumbing and appliances. However, the installation of sliding doors needs some carpentry skills, all that is required is a top-shelf, tracking, wood panels as well as hardware. Paint the panels with an attractive color or you can also use layout to the sliding doors. Panel doors can be slide opened easily if in case you want to access your washer and dryer. You can also install rubber stoppers on the walls in order to prevent the panels from scraping or denting the walls.
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