How To Hem Blackout Curtains: 7 Easy Steps Of Hemming Blackout Curtains

7 Easy Steps Of Hemming Blackout Curtains

The blackout curtains are available in many colors as well as in patterns. If in case it is impossible to make too-short the curtains that are longer, that time simply hem the curtain. The below-given information will show the user on how to hem the blackout curtains with the help of the hem tape and a simple sewing machine:
  1. Before starting the process, it is important to ensure that there is enough fabric hemming in order to double-fold hem at the bottom. This is because the hems of the curtain are folded three times exactly at the bottom, so this is why the user needs twice times of the fabric for the hem. This in turn actually means that cut the curtains longer than the needed size. It is simply that if the curtain is longer, then the hem also needs to be wider. The normal width of the hem for the standard curtains is 3 to 4 inches. So cut out the curtains 6 to 8 inches longer than the required size.
  2. Now the user needs to spread out the curtain on a flat surface in a way so that the wrong side is facing up. Due to the size of the curtain, it may be very easier to spread the curtains over the floor. If the user has a large table and a small curtain that is not large enough, however, they easily can work on the table.
  3. Fold up the bottom and at the same time press it flat using an iron. The width of the fold totally depends upon how wide the hem will be. For instance, if the user wants the hem to be 4 inches wide, in that case, fold up the bottom by the 4 inches. With the help of sewing, pin hold up the fabric in their spot while ironing it. However, make sure to remove all the pins once the ironing is done.
  4. Fold up the hem once again and similarly firmly press it flat with the help of an iron. The important point to note is that fold up the hem to the same amount as did the last time. For instance, if the user folded up the hem by 4 inches for the first time, then similarly fold it up again by a similar amount. Hold up the hem in place using the pin as well as press it flat with the help of an iron. This way the user has folded the double hem of the blackout curtains.
  5. From the hem keep the lining totally separate. This is due to the fact that lining is hemmed on its own. It is usually tucked from the side hems, but not from the bottom.
  6. In order to fuse the hem with the curtain, the user needs to use the iron-on the hem tape. Cut out a piece of the hem tape but the piece must be slightly shorter as compared to the width of the curtain. After that, slip the piece to the inside of the hem, exactly at the in-between the back of the curtain as well as at the same time fold hem. The top side of the hem tape must be properly aligned with the folded hem top. Once it is done then iron down the hem. Keep ironing for 10 seconds before going to the next section.
  7. The best option to sew a hem is by using a sewing machine. While sewing the important point is to try to be close with the top of the folded edge. Also, use a color that matches the color of the curtain color closely.
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