How To Hang Traverse Rod: 4 Easy Steps Of Hanging Traverse Rod

4 Easy Steps Of Hanging/Installing The Traverse Rod

A traverse rod is actually a heavy-duty curtain rod that is commonly used to hang up the pleated drapes. It comes with the drawcords as well as a pulley system to easily open and close the drapes. A traverse rod may seem a little bit confusing when using for the first time. But after the user will learn how to hang the drapes from the traverse rod, they will appreciate how easy it is to use. The 4 easy steps for hanging or installing the traverse rod are as follows:
  1. Measure: Start the process by measuring the window to determine exact location of the brackets. The brackets must be installed 2 inches approximately outside of the window trim and also the 4 inches right above the top of the window. With the help of a pencil, mark down the placement of the screws for the brackets.
  2. Attach The Brackets: On the predetermined position attach the brackets simply by installing the hardware that is included with the bracket kit. Ideally, it is advisable that the brackets must be installed into studs, but this may be possible only if studs are available, use the hollow-wall anchors to attach the brackets in the drywall. Drill the holes and then screw-in the screws in the mounting hardware and the wall. For the extra-wide window coverings place brackets at least every 40 inches.
  3. Install The Traverse Rod: Simply install the rod by pushing it in the brackets until it clicks. After the traverse rod is pushed in the position, secure it down by turning each of the bolts with a screwdriver.
  4. Attach The Tension Pulley: Under the cord opening attach the tension pully with the provided hardware. With the help of a cord open as well as close the carriers. Locate the knot that is on the master cord and then keep pulling the cord until the other side of the cord is at the desired length. After that tie an overhang knot and then trim the excess cord that may be at the knot. To finish up the installation thread the cord into the cord guide.
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