How To Hang Garland On Wall: Step By Step Process Of Hanging Garland On Wall

Step By Step Process Of Hanging Garland On Wall Without Nails Or Damage

Usually, the garlands are hanged on the walls, during the festive season Chrismas and by doing this, the home will get decorated & feel like festive. Beautiful as well as attractive garlands will attract many people to your place and enjoy this festival with you. In addition to the walls, the garland can be hanged to doorways, ceilings, mantels, etc. In other words, we can say, wherever you want to put garland at your home, you can do it very easily. In order to hang garland on the wall without nails or damages, the users need to go through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully:

  • First and the foremost thing to do is cleaning your wall with the help of rubbing alcohol. But if in case your wall is painted recently, then there is no need to use the rubbing alcohol, instead, you have to wait at least for one week. Always make sure you perform this process according to the manufacturer guidance.
  • After cleaning the wall, you need to fasten one adhesive strip to the hook. It is very important to ensure that you are using the adhesive strip correctly, to be precise, the adhesive strip should be correctly pointed towards the wall.
  • Finally, with the adhesive, you need to stake the hook to the wall and keep pressing steadfastly. Once all these simple steps are done, your garland is hanged to the wall perfectly.

How To Remove Command Hooks

After the completion of the Chrismas celebrations, now its time to remove the garland from the wall. To do so, you have to remove the command strips & hooks, for which some of the tricks are mentioned below:
  • You need to drag the handle from the hook very steadily. But make sure while dragging the handle, keep in mind that you have to drag it very slowly, doing it fast may break it.
  • Another way is to use the hairdryer on the strip so that your adhesive gets warm, and then have a segment of dental floss. You need to run it in between the strip & the wall so that the grip will get loosened.
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