How To Hang Floating Hexagon Shelves: Step By Step Procedure Of Hanging Floating Hexagon Shelves

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Hanging Floating Hexagon Shelves

The floating hexagon-shaped shelves are the easiest way to add the charm and interest to any area of the home. Fortunately, these shelves can be created easily by using the right tools, safety gear, and the materials as well. The users can easily hang floating hexagon shelves at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Miter Saw, Wood Screws, Electric Drill And Drill Bit
  • Level, Rotary Sander, Wood Glue
  • Tape Measure, Pencil, Wall Brackets
  • Three Fencing Planks

Step By Step Procedure

  • Set The Miter Saw: Start by setting the miter saw to trim down the angles at the thirty degrees and this is the setting of the saw for an entire task and the users will not have to keep on re-adjusting it.
  • Trim The Wood Planks: Then trim down the planks of the wood and make the initial thirty-degree trim on the first wood plank and then rotate it all over to calculate the longer side. The users need to calculate the 12 inches and then mark down the area by using the pencil and this is the portion where they need to make their next trim. Then they need to make the other trim on the edge that they have marked and then their initial wood piece has been trimmed. Then they need to follow the same procedure for their other plank and thus they need to end after trimming down the wood pieces.
  • Make The Shelf: After that, the users need to make the hexagon shelf but they need to be assured that they are having the fifteen trimmed wood pieces. Then they need to layout the hexagon before they start the drilling process. Then they need to stand the wood pieces towards its side in a way that the pieces will appear like the 3D and will eventually make the shape of the hexagon. In order to attain the best results, the users need to start by making the base of the honeycomb and then make their way from that point. Then glue down the sides altogether and when the users are perfectly sure about the look of the shelf then only they need to press and then hold it together for a few minutes. Then they need to drill down the sides by drilling the holes first and then add the screws by using the electric drill. They need to start from the base and then work their way outwards.
  • Add The Wood Glue: Now the users require to make the shelf by following the same shape of the hexagon with the other wood planks. Then they need to lay the hexagon out over the surface of the floor and then affix them with one another and they need to be assured that all the sides are aligned properly with one another. Then add the wood glue to the outer shelf sides and then sand down the shelf including the entire honeycomb areas.
  • Affix The Shelf: Finally, at last, the users need to affix the shelf by using the brackets and they need to be sure that they are having the perfect base for their shelf.
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