How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod: Step By Step Guide Of Hanging Curtains Without A Rod

There are so many alternatives that the users can use instead of the rod like they can use the tree branch as most of the people are fond of using the natural elements within the inner area of their homes and thus the tree branch will add an interesting look to any home area. Another way is by using the rope and the users can easily use this rope instead of the curtain rod. The users need to have the right tools and materials to hang the curtains on the rope. One of the easy ways to hang the curtains without a rod is by using the nails as it does not require the immense time to hang the curtains with it.

Step By Step Guide Of Hanging The Curtains Without A Rod

It can be a very daunting task to hang the curtains if in case the users are feeling trouble using the regular hooks or the rods and the users can easily accomplish this task. The users do not require to drill or make any marks on their wall. Installing the curtains rods require a lot of patience, time, and money and also creates the holes within the surface of the wall. Installing down the curtains without having the rod can be very easy only if the users use the right tools and then follow up the right techniques. The users can easily hang the curtains without a rod at home by following the below-mentioned steps:
  • Place The Nail: Start by placing the nail on each window frame. The users can choose the nail of their choice and they can use the one by half-inch, one by four-inch or the three by four inch sized nail. They need to use the hammer so as to place down the nails fastening on the window frame sides. The users need to be assured that the nail needs to be very high on the surface of the window frame and they need to face the ceiling.
  • Thread Down The Nails: After that, the users need to thread down the wire within the curtain opening that is regularly used as the rod curtain. They need to use enough wire as per the curtain length and then leave up the few inches of the unneeded wire and then wrap it all around the surface of the nail. The users need to be assured that they are having the stiffed wire so as to wrap it easily all around the surface of the nail.
  • Wrap Down The Unneeded Wire: Then wrap down the unneeded wire all around the nail surface few times until no more wire is left behind. The users need to be assured that the curtain should be at the window frame top and are not placed incorrectly.
  • Place The Curtains: Finally the users can easily place their cushions where ever they want and with the wire, the users can easily move up the curtains accordingly. The wire is having the ability by which the users can place it at any place of their choice and it won't get damaged so easily.
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