How To Hang Curtains On A Traverse Rod: Step By Step Guide To Hang Curtains

Step By Step Guide To Hang Curtains On A Traverse Rod

The traverse rod is a steady rod which is basically used for hanging down the pleated drapes. This kind of rod is having the pulley and the drawcords by which the users can easily bind and unbind the pleated drapes. This kind of rod appears to be puzzling when they are faced with the other ones for the very first time. Once the users learn how to hang up their pleated drapes within the traverse rod then they can easily use this rod as well. The users can easily hang the curtains on a traverse rod at home by following the below-mentioned steps:
  • Insert The Drapery Pin: Start by inserting the drapery pin at the drapes back within the midst of the pleat. Then drift the even end within the pleat while withdrawing up the hook edge that is facing outwards with the hook that is twisted downwards.
  • Insert The Pin At The Back End: Users need to embed the drapery pin within the back end of each one of the drapes.
  • Hold The Panel: Then the users need to start at the main overlayed carrier that is the main structure that overlays the drape one side to the other side even at the time when drapes are bind. Then hold one panel of drapery and hook down the 1st pin within the major overlayed carrier arm within the back respectively.
  • Drift The Second Pin: Drift the 2nd drapery pin within the arm base from the frontmost side in order to create the smooth fold near the arm.
  • Drift All The Pins: Drift all the drapery pins and leave the remaining last 2 drapery pins, within the slides in one by one way. Then thrust excess slides at the rod end.
  • Drift The Final Pin: Then drift the next one to the final drapery pin within the final hole. Then the users need to slide the last drapery pin within the final bracket hole.
  • Repeat The Same Process: The users need to repeat the same procedure with another panel and then make it hang over the other rod side.
  • Bind Up The Drapes: Bind up the drapes entirely and the users need to take the forefinger and the thumb so as to craft the horizontal fold to the frontmost side within the material in between each one of the plate. Then bind and unbind the drapes many times and then check the crease return back at the moment the users open the drapes.
  • Unbind The Drapes: Finally unbind the drapes and then work within the top to bottom so as to make an attractive weave within the drapes by simply lifting up the fabric inward and then push it backward within it.
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