How To Hang Bifold Doors: Ultimate & Easy Guide Of Installing Bifold Doors

Ultimate & Easy Guide Of Installing The Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are very common in many homes and this is due to the fact that they take up very little space while opening than a full-sized door. The solid-wooden bifold door having the best quality hardware can last as long as any other door and work properly. The main thing is to select a quality door and the second benefit is that solid doors are easier to trim to fit the jambs. Ultimate & easy guide for hanging or installing the bifold doors is mentioned below:
  1. Measure: The first step is to measure the exact width of the space between the door jambs. Then buy a bifold door upper track but 1/4-inch less than the measured width. After that using a hacksaw, cut out the non-pivot side of the track to about 1/4-inch less than the width of the opening.
  2. Slide The Track Hanger: In the track, slide in the track hanger with wheels. Slide in the pivot socket in the track but with the socket to the outside. Measure about 1 inch from the front-face corner of the top jamb and then draw a horizontal centerline all across the full length of the jamb. With the pivot on the side from which the user likes to position the track on the line. Screw-in the track in the top jamb with the help of screws in the every screw hole which are in the track.
  3. Plumb Bob: From the center of the track drop a plumb bob at the pivot location. Slide in the bracket underneath the plumb bob so this will make sure that the bottom bracket's pivot is aligned with the top pivot directly. On the floor trace the outline of the bracket. Screw down the bracket on the floor. Some of the types may mount on the floor as well as on the jamb.
  4. Unfold The Bifold Door: Measure the width and then the user needs to follow the manufacturer's directions for trimming the door if needed prior to hanging the door. Remove material from the hinge sides of the solid doors with the help of a table saw, and then remount the hinges. Tap the pivot pins and the roller in the top as well as bottom holes that are drilled into the ends of the doors. All the pivot outward with the pivots close to the doorjamb.
  5. Insert The Pivot Pin: In the upper track pivot location now insert the pivot pins. Lift up the door and drop the bottom pin in the bottom bracket. Insert the pivot pin exactly in the track-wheel assembly simply by pressing down on the pin and then release the pin when it's over the opening. Adjust the bifold door with the help of screws on each bracket as well as assembly.
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