How To Hang Beaded Curtains: Step By Step Guide Of Hanging Beaded Curtains

Step By Step Guide & Items Required For Hanging Beaded Curtains

Usually, the beaded type of curtains can add the vintage style to the home and with the correct fastening, it is very easy and fast to hang these kinds of curtains. This will depend on the curtain size that the users need to affix the hangers or the nails within the wall so as to fasten the curtains in the place. The users can easily hang the beaded curtains at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Measuring Tape, Level, Pencil
  • Safety Goggles, Nails Or Hangers
  • Drill Or Hammer, Vacuum, Water
  • Washcloth, Earplugs And Masking Tape

Step I: Measure And Position The Curtains

  • Matching Up The Curtain Beads: Start by matching up the beads of the curtain depth of the window or the width of the doorways. Calculate the beads of curtains and then compare it with the doorway or the window width where the users exactly pan to hang the curtains. If in case the curtains are very wide then the width of the doorway or the window, then trim the one bead strand by using the sharp scissors until they won't reach their desired length. The width of the curtain rod does not affect as it is hanged above the windowpane or the doorway.
  • Level The Curtains: Then hold up the curtains in the upward direction and then intermediate them adjacent to the surface of the wall. After that, align the curtains halfway point with the window or the door middle and then align the position of the curtain until the curtains are centered entirely. The users need to use the level so as to be assured that the curtains will be in the even and the straight position. It will be difficult for the users to hold and level the curtains and that is why they are advised to ask the help from a friend so as to hold up the curtains while they examine the level of the curtains.
  • Mark Down The Holes: Next mark down the hanger holes or the nail by using the pencil. Then examine the curtain rod back for the holes and there needs to be one hole on each of the sides. This is the point where the users will affix the curtain with the wall. Then line up the curtains with the wall at the exact height where they will hang down their curtains on the surface of the wall and then mark down the wall at the hole back by using the pencil. If the users prefer not to mark down the measurements on the wall then they are advised to place the tape piece and then mark on that tape piece.

Step II: Attach The Nails Or Hooks

  • Wear The Goggles And Earplugs: Firstly, put the googles and the earplugs for safety purposes. In order to hang these kinds of curtains, the users need to handle the drill or the hammer. They need to wear the goggles while they were handling the hammer or dill so as to avoid the injuries. If in case the users are having the sensitive hearing then they are advised to wear the earplugs while the hammering or the drilling process. In order to protect the hands, users can also wear gloves.
  • Hammer Down The Nails: Then hammer in the nails for the medium or the small-sized curtains. The users need to grip down the hammer near to the hammer end and hold up the nails all over the marked area on the wall. Then they need to tap the head of the nail and keep on tapping the nail head until they hammer the nail half within the surface of the wall. The users are advised to carefully work while they hammer the nail within the surface of the wall so as to avoid the hand injuries.
  • Affix The Hanger: Then affix the hangers within the surface of the wall for the large-sized curtains. Then the users need to drill the pilot hole by placing the drill bit on the marked portion and then push it within the surface of the wall by applying the firm pressure. Depending on the hanger of the wall they need to screw it within the surface of the wall until the hooks will spread within the wall surface. The users can also use the cup hooks for the large-sized curtains and can also purchase the cup hooks at their nearby home store or at the online store.
  • Examine The Adherence: Then the users need to examine the adherence of the hanger and the nail. They need to hold the hanger and nail with the hand and then move it in the back and the forth motion. If in case it is unfastened then they need to hammer it down again till it is not unfastened.

Step III: Fasten And Maintain The Curtains

  • Secure The Rod: Start by securing the rod of the curtains with the nails or the hangers. Then find out the holes of the curtains and then pull the rod as per the hangers or the nails height.
  • Move The Rod: Then the users need to move the rod so as to check its adherence. They need to hold the rod and then slowly move it with the hand and if the users feel the rod is unfastened then they need to readjust the nails or the hangers accordingly.
  • Examine The Rod: Then examine how the rod is centered by using the level and if they find out that the rod is not in level then they need to re-adjust the nails or the hangers. Then they need to hold the reins of the beaded curtains within the rod of the curtain if in case they are not affixed.
  • Clean The Curtains: Finally the users need to clean the curtains by using the washcloth or the vacuum so as to get rid of the dust and the debris particles. The users can also use the washcloth instead of the vacuum.
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