How To Hang A Wreath On A Wall: Best Ways Of Hanging A Wreath On A Wall

Best Ways Of Hanging A Wreath On A Wall

The right kind of a wreath can be the best option to decorate the wall in the home all year-round. The key is to select the right style so that it will match with the rest of the decor as well as finding the right position to hang it. The best ways of hanging a wreath on a wall are shown below:


The wall wreaths are available in a different kinds of materials. The most common type of wreath is the holiday wreaths and they typically have the branches of the evergreen with the items such as holly, pine cones, berries as well as the velvet ribbon. The user can also find out the other wreaths which are seasonal and use's the flowers or the fruit. The floral wreaths can mostly be found in the time of year-round the varieties that make them the best choice for everyday decorations used for the wall as well. If the owner likes to make it themselves, then make the wreaths with the help of using a form that can be purchased from any of the craft stores. Cover-up the foam using the fabric and the stuffing or cones of decorative paper that is rolled up for creating a unique wreath for the wall. Some of the wreaths are created from recycled materials for eco-friendly design.


There is a huge collection of the wreaths available, the user must select the right type for the decor. For a home that has a traditional styling using a floral wreath will be the best option. Select a wreath that has the flowers that are featured in colors and which will complement the rest of the decor. In a home having the country decor, select a floral wreath that also has the fruit like the apples. Finally, if the home has modern decor, though, a wreath that is created from the flowers or from the fruit, or from the other natural materials looks out of the place. Instead, go for the wreath that is created from the materials like paper, PVC pipes wooden dowels, or metal that will give a contemporary twist.


After the above headings are done now it is time for selection of the locations, inside the home, there is a number of the different spaces that may be benefitted from a wall wreath. One of the best spots for hanging a wreath is on the wall that is above the fireplace. Whether the user is hanging a holiday wreath which is surrounded by the twinkling lights or using the everyday wreath that is made from the simple dried flowers, position it over the fireplace will help a lot to make it a focal point space where it is used. If there is no fireplace, the wall that is above the living rooms couch is the best spot to place a wreath. The space that is above the console table in the hallway or above the dresser in the bedroom is another good spot.

Hanging Instructions

The owner can be worried to use a wreath for decorating & this is due to the fact that they are worried about the holes as well as for the other damage to the wall. Fortunately, the wreath can be placed on a wall without damaging the wall. If the wreath has a weight that is less than the five pounds, use the simple wall adhesive hooks for hanging it. The hooks will have an adhesive back that will stick with the wall but can also be easily removed without damaging a painted or the wallpapered surface. If the wreath has a heavyweight, that time the best option for hanging it on the wall is using a nail as well as the fishing line.
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