How To Hang A Wreath On A Glass Door: Two Easy Ways Of Hanging Wreath On Glass Door

Two Easy Ways Of Hanging Wreath On Glass Door

If the user wants to decorate the doors using a wreath but does not want to hammer nails into the wooden doors, then in that case, one of the solutions is to hang the wreath from the outside of the glass door. The two easy ways that can be used for hanging wreath on glass door are mentioned below:

Way 1: Magnetic Wreath Holder

  • The user needs to weigh themselves, to weigh themselves holding the wreath to check its weight then the user can compare this weight with the weight limit of the wreath holders.
  • Stand while keeping the glass door open so that the user can reach to the outside as well as to the inside at the same time. Secure the 2 parts of the holder on any side of the glass, exactly at the space where the user likes the wreath to hang. Position the knobbed holder from the outside of the glass door and from the inside place the magnet one. The important point to remember is that the magnet can work only on a single thickness of the glass and not on the double panes.
  • Place the 2 pieces in a way so that they will mirror with each other’s position, this will help to use the magnet’s full power. Also, the user needs to periodically check the wreath to determine that the magnet is in the position.
  • Secure the wreath with the wreath holder from the outside of the door.

Way 2: Suction Cup Wreath Holder

  • In this method, the user needs to moist the side that is concave of the suction cup simply running a finger but a wet inside it.
  • Position the side that is moistened against the outside of the glass door in the place where to install or hang the wreath, also make sure that the hook is facing in the upward direction for supporting the wreath.
  • Now depress the cup of the suction, for that simply hold down it hard against the glass door with the help of the fingers for few seconds, ensure that there must be a tight seal having no bubbles. Secure the wreath on the hook from the outside of the glass door.
  • After every few days check the suction cup to make sure that it is held down properly. If it starts to loosen up its strength of holding, that time remove it from the glass door. Then in warm and soapy water clean it well. Then reattach it only after it is dry.

Important & Useful Tips

Spray from both sides of the glass with the help of the glass cleaner and then wipe off with the help of clean microfiber cloth before the magnet or the suction cup holder can be reattached to the glass. Cleaning all glass will help a lot to give better adhesion. For the heavy wreaths, use the 3 suction cups or the sets of the magnetic holders, positioning one at the top, and the final two from the sides of the wreaths. The extra supports will help a lot in distributing the weight more evenly as well as gives less stress on each holder.
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