How To Hang A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door: Different Methods Of Mounting A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door

Different Methods Of Mounting A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door

Wreaths are regarded as one of the effective tools that will help you make a statement whatever the occasion as well as the season. You can easily find one of the best wreaths that best suits your home, due to the fact that there is a vast range of designs available today. Selecting a wreath is easy, however, hanging your pick on your fiberglass door is not too easy. If you are looking to mount a wreath on a fiberglass door, then go through the below-mentioned methods carefully & select the method that will meet your preferences:

Method 1: Drill A Hole And Use Screw Hooks

You can easily insert the hook for the wreath by simply drilling a hole in a fiberglass door. First of all, drill a hole in the fiberglass with the help of a high-speed steel drill bit that should be 1/16 inch smaller than the screw. But make sure to wear protective gear, including eye goggles, long sleeves, pants, as well as gloves, while drilling a hole.
  • Mark as well as indent the area where you are going to drill a hole in the fiberglass using a pencil and a nail in order to prevent the drill from veering.
  • Place, fit, or push steel brad-point boring bits on your drill before you start boring a hole on the fiberglass, with the lowest speed possible.
  • Finally, you need to speed up the rotation of the drill as you progress as long as you reach the desired depth of the hole.
  • Securely insert the screw hook in the hole with the help of a screwdriver and hang your wreath.

Method 2: Use An Over-the-door Hanger

You can prevent making a permanent hole in your fiberglass door by inserting an over-the-door hanger on the top of your fiberglass door. Simply insert the hanger on the top of the fiberglass before hanging the wreath on it. Sometimes, however, over-the-door hangers can be too thick that they can stop the door from properly closing. And in rare cases, it will cause the fiberglass door to exhibit scratches as well as cracks.

Method 3: Using Self-adhesive Hooks Or Strips

You can prevent damaging your fiberglass door inadvertently while you try to mount your wreath on it. This can easily be done by using self-adhesive hooks. Select a super-strong adhesive hook or strip from your local Home Depot or online through Amazon. After having the adhesive hook ready, you need to wipe the fiberglass door rigorously in order to eliminate dust as well as other elements that may prevent the adhesive from sticking to the door. Additionally, cleaning the door first will also be very useful when removing the hook to avoid stripping the finishing of the door. After completing all the preparations, stick the adhesive hook or strip on the door before freely hanging the wreath.

Method 4: Hang A Ribbon On An Upside-down Hook

Use a ribbon if you are looking to add style and elegance to your wreath-hanging efforts. To achieve this, go through the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  • Stick an adhesive hook upside down or overturned at the top back part of the fiberglass door.
  • Prepare any 3-inch-wide ribbon before cutting it to the desired length you are looking for your wreath to suspend.
  • Bend the ribbon around the top back part of the wreath.
  • Then, either knot the ends of the ribbon first before inserting it into the hook, or knot the ribbon on the adhesive hook in order to keep away from unnecessary movements as well as adjustments of the suspended wreath.

Method 5: Using A Magnetic Hook

Another best method when it comes to hanging a wreath on a fiberglass door is using magnetic hooks that use neodymium magnets. Due to the reason that the fiberglass doors don’t have any material that conducts magnetic fields, it is best to secure or affix one magnetic hook on each side of the door. With this method, you can prevent all the possible cracking as well as finish stripping that may arise by using a screw, over-the-door hanger, as well as self-adhesive hooks. Make sure to select a magnet hook having strong magnetic fields in order to be absolutely certain that they don’t slide off due to the thickness of the fiberglass door.

Method 6: Stick A Suction Hook On The Door

If you don't like the idea of intrusive hangers as well as ribbons, then another best option is suction hooks and a scratch-free remedy for you. You simply need big suction hooks that will securely and tenaciously adhere to the door in spite of the weight of the wreath. It is highly recommended to select a suction hook like the wreath hanger above that is rated to take hold up to 22 lbs of weight to prevent the wreath from falling. In order to make sure that the hook sticks, rigorously clean the fiberglass door to get rid of the dust as well as debris that can intervene with the suction capability. If your fiberglass door has glass cutouts, then the best option is to stick the suction hook on it for more powerful adhesion.
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