How To Hang A Wreath On A Door With Ribbon: Step By Step Guide Of Hanging A Wreath Using Ribbon

Step By Step Guide Of Hanging A Wreath On A Door Using Ribbon

Usually the wreaths are the easiest way to beautify the home specifically for the Christmas eve or any other time if in case the users are using this to decor the home. There are so many ways by which the users can easily hang their wreath with the hooks or to forbid using the nails or the screws on the door front. The users can also hang the wreaths on the surface of the glass doors by using the magnetic hangers. If you want to hang the wreath on a door using ribbon, then the users need to go through the below-defined step by step guide:
  • Calculate The Inner Corner: Start by calculating within the inner wreath corner to the door top. Then the users need to hold up the wreath at that point where actually they want to hang over the door front. Then they need to use the measuring tape so as to calculate within the inner top wreath corner over the door top. It will be quite easy if the users are having any friends or assistants who can help them.
  • Trim Down The Ribbon: Then the users need to trim down the ribbon piece which is of the double-length that they have calculated add three inches into it. Then choose the ribbon piece that will appear to look beautiful when hanged the wreath with it. Then they need to calculate the perfect length, markdown it, and then trim it down by using the scissors. If in case the distance in between the wreath corner over the door top is near about 12 inches then the users require the ribbon piece of the 27 inches long. By the few extra inches, the users can easily tie down the knot within the ribbon and will have the extra length for wreath hanging where exactly they want it.
  • Wrap Down The Ribbon: Then the user requires to wrap down the ribbon to the wreath and then make the knot to near about three inches at the end. Then they need to drift the one ribbon end at the wreath back and then lift it within both the ends unite. Then they need to tie the one end on the other end and then swivel the ribbon in a way that the knot is not visible and will be hidden at the wreath back.
  • Place The Ribbon: Next the users need to middle the wreath over the door and then position the ribbon at the door top. The users are advised to ask the help from the assistant so as to hold up the wreath so that the user can easily affix it. Then they need to place the ribbon loop end over the door top and in this, it will not be visible when the users close the door.
  • Use The Hammer Or Staple Gun: Finally, the users need to use the hammer or the staple gun and the nails so as to fasten down the ribbon over the door top. Then use the half-inch nails within the ribbon over the door top by using the hammer. Then the users require to use the staple gun and then use the two staples within the ribbon to the surface of the door.
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