How To Hang A Chandelier With A Chain: Step By Step Guide Of Hanging A Chandelier With A Chain

Step By Step Guide Of Hanging A Chandelier With A Chain

The chandeliers are regarded as the beautiful lighting option, and for the simple installation use the operational ceiling support. If in case the chandelier is heavy than the previous lighting fixture, then take the extra time for installing the support. Step by step guide of hanging a chandelier with a chain is mentioned below:
  • First of all, you need to get together the chandelier base. Screw together the parts that come with the chandelier, without the canopy that will be attached to the ceiling. Also, it is important that light bulbs need not to be installed & this is because it will be very easier as well as safer to hang the chandelier without the bulbs.
  • If required, shorten the chain. The chandelier usually has more number of chains than needed. So the owner needs to decide how long a chain would be, then take a pair of the heavy pliers that are used for opening one of the links of chains and then remove out the excess length.
  • To the mounting box, now it is time for installing a mounting strip. This is a small metal bar that has the holes in it, which must come with the chandelier, or there can be the one that is already installed. Besides that, they are also available at the hardware stores.
  • From each of the sections of the chandelier carefully thread the chandelier wires. After every other chain, thread the chandelier wires. Continue the process of the threading from the metal canopy until they will cover up the electrical box as well as the small chain holder that secures right at the top of the chain, and lastly very thin metal nipple that will hold the wires together. They must extend at its full from the nipple, that must be far enough for the user to work with ease.
  • For securing each of the wires, stable the chandelier in a place where it needs to be attached. Either have a helping hand for holding the chandelier in place or simply hang up the chain or the chain holder which is hanging from the mounting strip of a strong hook.
  • Wrap up the bare copper wire all around the screw. Both of them the chandelier, as well as the system of electrical box at the house, needs to have a copper wire, which is grounding, must be bare. Each of them needs to be wrapped around the screw that is grounding screw which is attached to the junction box, ensure the 2 wires are in proper contact with each other. This kind of screw is mostly colored green. Strip both the ends of the insulated wire of the chandelier. With the help of a wire stripper remove 0.5 inches of each insulation that is on the wire, this way the bare wire will be exposed.
  • Join the neutral wires before looking out for the chandelier wire which will have an identifying mark like a groove, ridge, or the lettering. Position the end of this wire which is bare with white-insulated wire end that is coming from the junction box and then twist them together with the help of a wire connector. After this is done, now join all the hot wires. They are the actual wires which carry current to the chandelier. There are the black ceiling wire which is insulated that must be joined with the chandelier wire having no identifying marks connect in the same process.
  • After mounting as well as wiring the chandelier is done, now it is time to screw in the bolts or the lock nuts that are used for securing the chandelier with the ceiling. This job can vary depending on the chandelier model, so read out the instructions for locating the exact attachment points.
  • Finally, attach the bulbs, switch on the power, and then test the chandelier. If it is not working, then the connected wires can be the wrong ones. Make sure the power must be switched off before trying to switch the wire connections.
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