How To Hand Scrape Hardwood Floors: Steps

Steps To Hand Scrape Hardwood Floors

The hand scraping provides a unique look to the floor surface. Scraping can be done by using scrapers and these are available in different size and shape. Scrapers produce a fine finish on the floors as compared to sanding. The material and tools required for hand scraping the hardwood floors include blades, Carbide-blade scrapers with handle, Random orbit sander, Varnish, roller, brush, Wax, and Gloves. The steps are mentioned below to perform the hand scraping on the floors:
  1. Scrape The Floor: The first step is to start scraping the floor with boards in a line. The hand scraping can be done on the old shellac and damaged varnish in order to lose the finish.
  2. Change The Blade: Scrape the entire surface of the floor until the finish is cleared from the whole floor. If the scraper slides on the floor then change the blade and continue scraping. After completing the scraping the customer sees fluffy wood piles on the floor surface.
  3. Remove Dust: After scraping, take a random orbit sander in hand and move it over the surface of the floor to reduce the scratches and remove stubborn bits from the floor surface.
  4. Apply Varnish And Dry: Last step is to apply varnish on the floor surface with the help of roller or brush. Allow it to dry for about 24 hours and then apply the second coat of finish. To bring back the shine on the floor surface apply a protective layer of wax on the floor surface.
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