How To Glue Upholstery Foam To Wood: Easy Step By Step Process Of Gluing Upholstery Foam To Wood

Easy Step By Step Process Of Gluing Upholstery Foam To Wood

Upholstery foam can be very helpful when it comes to creating an excellent extra layer of padding to your furniture, however, it only works if it stays in place. One clear, self-evident, or apparent way in order to keep upholstery foam in place is to glue it there. Metal fasteners, tacks as well as fabric tacks, in all likelihood, result in tears over time. Gluing wood as well as foam together can be extremely tricky or complex, due to the main reason that foam is absorbent in nature, and some of the glues can even melt the foam. However, as long as you have the right product, in this case polyurethane construction adhesive, gluing foam to wood can be an extremely easy process.

Things You'll Need

  • 80-Grit Sandpaper
  • Polyurethane Construction Adhesive
  • 2-Inch Sponge Brush
  • Foam
  • Wood

Easy Step By Step Process

  1. Roughen The Surface Of The Wood: First of all, coarsen or abrade the surface of the wood using the 80-grit sandpaper. Rub consistently & constantly in a circular motion over the wood surface that you are going to glue the foam to. This will help to create a more porous surface, which in turn will help the cement to penetrate the wood.
  2. Apply Polyurethane Construction Adhesive: Now, put or spread polyurethane construction adhesive to both the sanded wood surface as well as the surface of the foam that you are looking to glue to the wood. With the help of a 2-inch sponge brush, apply a consistent layer over both surfaces before letting the cement set for nearly five minutes.
  3. Allow The Glue To Set For 6 To 8 Hours: Finally, hold down the glue-coated foam surface to the glue-coated wood surface. Exert even pressure throughout, as well as rub from the middle towards the outer edges of the foam. Allow the glue to set for nearly six to eight hours.

What Is The Best Glue For Upholstery Foam?

When you are looking to bond or glue upholstery foam to wood, it is important not to use any glue as not any kind of glue is suitable for use. The porous or absorbent nature of the foam means that it can absorb some glues without sticking to surfaces, and some glues can melt delicate foam. The best kind of glue for upholstery foam is Polyurethane Construction Glue. It has the toughness to adhere foam to wood and at the same time also offers some flexibility so that seams will not get rigid and create tears. You can also find some glues that is specifically designed for foam projects, and some spray adhesives will work exceptionally well, too.
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