How To Glue Marble To Wood: Step By Step Process Of Gluing Marble To Wood

Step By Step Process Of Gluing Marble To Wood

Woodworking is a delightful piece of work that time & again require other materials. A combination of trade cabinets may have a granite countertop installed. Or a trade bathroom vanity could possess a good-looking marble top. The do-it-yourself expert can save big male goats by fastening marble and granite to wood with the help of just a few tricks of the trade. If you want to glue down the marble to the wood, you can do so very easily. You simply need to go through the step by step process mentioned below carefully & get the desired result of your work:
  1. First of all, examine the wood to ensure whether it can hold the weight of the marble or not. If in case you are positioning the marble on a cabinet or a vanity, then it may become necessary to affix supports. Then trim near about 3/4-inch by 2-inch strips of wood that will be suitable for the inner walls of the cabinet or vanity. Trim them to length on a miter saw and after that glue and pocket screw them to the cabinet. A pocket screw jig uses a drill in order to trim a tilted hole in the wood so you can fasten it to another piece of wood in the absence of the head of the screw adhering up above the surface. Now give the glue some time in order to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Now, wipe the surfaces of the wood and the marble. By wiping you will get rid of any loose debris or sawdust. A putty knife & a dust brush are the best options to use to eliminate the old glue and debris.
  3. Next, position the marble on the wood & dry fit it at the same time. Examine to find out if it sits level or if you need to cleat the marble or add extra wood supports. Make sure that the marble is positioned perfectly before moving towards the next step.
  4. After that, spread a silicon adhesive to the wood in spots. It does not take a great deal of silicon to hold the marble in place. The silicon will protect and assist to level the marble. With the help of a caulk gun, spread the silicon to the wood.
  5. Finally, you need to give the silicon some time in order to dry according to the label's instructions before going ahead or using the marble. The marble is very overweight and can relocate if jolted before the silicon dries.
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