How To Glaze A Wooden Door: Step By Step Instructions Of Glazing A Wooden Door

Step By Step Instructions Of Glazing A Wooden Door

One of the best ways to prepare the entrance into your home and add to the restrain appeal is by glazing the door. Glazing is the process of affixing the character to the door. It breaks color in the nooks, cracks, and opening of the wood to imitate smooth aging. In order to glaze a wooden door, you need to first gather some of the items required for the process & then follow the steps mentioned below carefully:

Things Needed

  • Flat-Head Screwdriver, Hammer & Sawhorses
  • Masking Tape, 320-Grit Sandpaper & Clean Rags
  • Rubber Gloves & Oil-Based Glaze
  • Bristle Brush & Polyurethane Sealer

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First of all, detach the door off the hinges. Detach the hinge pins by slotting the tip of a screwdriver into the base of the hinge and then tap the screwdriver using a hammer. When the top of the pin cracks up 1/2 inch above the hinged top, position the tip of the screwdriver below the head of the pin and keep taping the screwdriver until the pin is totally out of the hinge. Keep performing the same process with the rest of the hinges.
  2. Place the door consistent over a couple of sawhorses. Detach the pieces of masking tape and fasten over the doorknob, hinges and other hardware including the kick plate or door knocker.
  3. Sand the door smoothly with the help of 320-grit sandpaper. This will assist to roughen up the wood and build texture, permitting the glaze to adhere to the wood. Rub down the door with the help of a clean, damp rag in order to get rid of the dust that occurred due to the sanding process. Test the surface & if in case you still find gloss from the previous sealer, then perform the sanding process again.
  4. Make sure to fortify your hands with rubber gloves. Blend and then spread a plentiful amount of glaze over the surface with the help of a brush. Begin at one corner of the door and then work crosswise toward the contrasting corner. If in case the door has escalating panels, then you need to insert the brush into the edges of the panels.
  5. Cleanse the glaze with the help of a clean, dry rag, if in case you find out that the glaze is starting to look dull. Brush with the grain and then in opposition to the grain in order to eliminate the extra glaze from the smooth, flat areas of the door and to work the glaze into the opening of the wood. Allow majority of the glaze to persist in the cracks and in the grain of the wood for the classical look.
  6. Apply a polyurethane sealer once the glaze has dried, it takes nearly two to five hours but can vary depending on the air temperature and level of humidity. Make sure to use long strokes and go with the wood grain's direction. Give the door at least 24 hours to dry completely and then repeat the process for the other side. Get rid of the tape and rehang the door.
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