How To Get Super Glue Off Laminate Floor: Steps To Remove Super Glue

Steps To Remove Super Glue From Laminate Floor

The steps are mentioned below for removing the super glue from the laminate floor:

Step 1: Getting Supplies

  1. Get Acetone And A Knife: The users need to purchase the acetone and a soft knife. The soft plastic knife is suitable for the laminate floor as it does not cause any scratches on the floor surface.
  2. Get Paper Towels: The laminate floor is most prone to discoloration so the users need many dry paper towels to clean the floor surface and protect the floor from moisture.
  3. Get A Thick, Clean Rag: For cleaning the laminate floor surface the users can use a clean rag, by using a rag the users protect the laminate floor from scratches.

Step 2: Removing The Glue

  1. Crack A Window: While using the acetone keep the windows open. If the users inhale the acetone it can cause health issues like headaches, respiratory tract, etc.
  2. Spot-test The Acetone: The users need to determine the effect of acetone on the laminate flooring by testing the small hidden area. Pour the small amount of acetone on the floor and wait until it dries. Then the users need to make sure that acetone does not cause any discoloration.
  3. Put Some Acetone On The Superglue: After testing the acetone, the users need to apply the acetone on the clean rag and rub the rag on the glued area until the glue softens.
  4. Scrape Away The Glue: Then the users can take the putty knife for scraping the glue away from the laminate floor surface without scratching the floor. Then repeat the same with the remaining floor surface until all the glue removes away from the floor surface.

Step 3: Finishing The Job

  1. Remove Any Remaining Particles: If there exists any superglue particle on the floor then the users can again pour drops of acetone on the stained area of the floor surface and rub over the affected area for cleaning the superglue from the floor surface.
  2. Dry The Area: After completely removing the superglue from the floor the users need to make the floor surface dry by using paper towels and completely remove the moisture from the laminate floor.
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