How To Get Nail Polish Off Wood Floors: Ways To Remove

Ways To Remove The Nail Polish From The Wood Floors

The best ways to remove the Nail Polish from the Wooden Floors are as follows:
  1. Scrape: The first thing that the user can do is to remove the nail polish from the wooden floor with the help of the putty knife, it will come off very easily but in case it is resistant than use cloth dampen in the warm water, let the cloth sit on the polish for about thirty seconds, so that it will loosen the nail polish.
  2. Denatured Alcohol: Before applying the alcohol it is very important to perform a spot testing, for any negative effect. In case of no negative affect pour some alcohol on a cloth and start rubbing against the nail polish stain, do not rub firmly and for a long time as it can damage the finish of the wood, rub in the directions of the wood grains.
  3. Mineral Spirits: In case alcohol doesn't work, then dap the stain with the mineral spirit while applying the mineral spirit just be very careful not to apply on the unstained area as it can damage the finish of the floor.
  4. Tough Or Stubborn Stains: For the stubborn stains use the best quality 0000-grade steel wool, the steel should be gentle enough to lift the stains without harming the floor, make sure to sand in the directions of the grains.
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