How To Get Hair Dye Off Wood Floor: Steps To Remove

What Are The Steps To Remove The Hair Dye From The Wooden Floor?

Dying hair at home sometimes leaves the hair dye stains on the wood floors that look unpleasant. The stains can be easily removed by following the different types of fast workouts at home. The hair dye stains can be removed from the wooden floors using different methods and out of which some of them are mentioned below:

Method One

Under this method, the hair dye stains can be treated using baking soda, detergent, and water.
1.Prepare Solution: Add one tablespoon of both baking soda and liquid dishwashing detergent into the warm water and stir well.
2.Cloth: Dip the clean cloth into the solution.
3.Rub: Rub the hair dye affected area with the solution dipped a cloth until the satisfactory results are achieved.

Method Two

The another best method to get the hair dye off from the wooden floor is mentioned below:
1.Prepare Paste: Take one part of both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and pour both into the clean bowl and prepare a paste of the same.
2.Application: Apply the paste over the satin affected area and rub it well using a clean soft cloth.
3.Repeat: The method can be repeated until the stain vanishes completely.

Method 3

The last method to get the hair dye off from the wooden floor is mentioned below:
1.Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: Pour the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the hair dye stain and scrub it with the same.
2.Create Paste: Add baking soda and lemon in the equal amounts into the bowl and make the paste. Make sure to keep it thick.
3.Apply: Apply the paste over the dye stained area with the help of the sponge finely.
4.White Vinegar/ Water: The area needs to be sprayed either with white vinegar or with water.
5.Wipe: Wipe the stained space using a soft clean cloth and sprinkle a little bit of the water over it then clean the remaining leftover.
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