How To Get Film Off Hardwood Floors: Easy Steps To Remove Film

General Overview

Hardwood floors plank is made up of a dry piece of timber. Hardwood floor is child and pet friendly . The wood which is used to make hardwood floor comes from different trees like dicot trees. The life span of the wood of dicot tree is up to 150-200 years, so the wood of the dicot tree is best for making the hardwood floor planks. The life of the hardwood floor is nearly about 50-60 years, if cared properly. Sometimes haziness layer or cloudy layer may appear on the hardwood floor and cleaning the hardwood floor from the haziness layer or cloudy layer is an easy task to do.

Steps To Clean Film From Hardwood Floor

Here are the easy steps to clean the film from the hardwood floor:
  1. Vacuum: This is the first step to remove any type of dirt layer from hardwood floor. The user needs to start vacuum cleaning of the hardwood floor to remove any type of small dust particles from floor.
  2. Mix: Use water bucket to mix 1/2 cup of ammonia with water (1 gallon).
  3. Mop: Take terrycloth mop and ammonia solution to mop hardwood floor.
  4. Wipe Up: The user need to wipe the solution with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Wipe the floor in circular motion and apply more pressure where the haziness is visible.
  5. Dry: Allow the hardwood floor to dry for one hour before walking on it.
  6. Place Floor Mats: Place rug or floor mat on entrances to avoid haziness of the hardwood floor.
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