How To Get Dog Scratches Out Of Sliding Glass Door: 4 Easy Steps To Remove Dog Scratches From Glass Door

If in case you are a dog lover & have one, make sure to protect a glass door from getting scratches, as the dogs do not know that their activities can scratch a glass door. If you still get scratches, it doesn't look good on a glass door. There are two options for scratched glass doors to do: one is repairing and the other option is replacing a glass door. If you find that the scratches are very deep then replacement is the best option as compared to the repairing. Repairing is best suited for insubstantial scratches. The majority of homeowners prefer to take the services of a glass professional in order to repair a glass door, which is considered the best option if in case the scratches are deep.

4 Easy Steps To Remove Dog Scratches From Sliding Glass Door

In order to remove the dog scratches from a sliding glass door yourself, go through the simple steps mentioned below carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:

Step 1: Apply A Drop Of Polishing Compound

The first step to get rid of the dog scratches is to purchase a polishing compound and then apply a drop of it on the scratched portion. Polishing compounds are generally used by jewelers as well as glass craftsmen in order to repair the glass. It is actually a fine powder that will give assistance in filling the insubstantial scratches.

Step 2: Buff The Polishing Compound Into Scratched Area

Now, using the smooth and circular motion, buff the polishing compound into the scratched portion. After that, with the help of a clean cloth check the progress of the scratch. Keep buffing and wiping the area with the help of a clean cloth unless & until the scratch gets disappeared.

Step 3: Wipe The Surface

As soon as you feel that the condition of the scratched portion is better now, you need to dip the sponge in rubbing alcohol. Now, cleanse the surface of the glass in order to remove the polishing compound if in case it appears on the surface. It is extremely essential for getting a good quality of the repaired glass door.

Step 4: Dry The Glass

Finally, you need to make the glass door dry with the help of a lint-free cloth. After that, the scratch would get unnoticeable and indefinite. If in case there is no improvement at all, then contact a glass professional for giving the best repair or giving a good idea of replacement.
You need to remember that repairing is always a good option as compared to a replacement. You can save quite a bit of money by repairing your glass then if you go for the replacement. Glass is a kind of material that can get scratched by dog activities. Make sure to pay full attention to the repairing process, due to the reason that you cannot replace the glass door every week or every month.
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