How To Get Dents Out Of Vinyl Flooring: Steps To Remove

Steps to Remove Dents from the Vinyl Flooring

Dents can occur on any type of wooden flooring that includes vinyl flooring as well. In order to remove dents from the vinyl flooring, the user needs to follow the below-given steps;
  1. Remove The Dust:
    First, the user needs to remove all the dust and debris particles from the dented area over the vinyl flooring by using the paper towel and the spray cleaner accordingly. The customers need to make sure that no debris or the grease particles are attached to the dented spot on the vinyl flooring.
  2. Place Dishtowel Over The Dent:
  3. After cleaning the dented area, the user needs to soak dishtowel into the clean water and squeeze out the excess water from the cloth. Then, the user needs to place a damp dishtowel all over the dented area on the vinyl flooring.
  4. Pre-heat The Iron:
  5. The next step in the process will be to pre-heat the iron for about 5 minutes. The temperature of the iron should be set on the cotton mode.
  6. Place The Iron Over Dishtowel:
  7. After that, the user needs to place the pre-heated iron over the damp dishtowel. It has been recommended by the experts to rub the iron in a circular motion over the damp dishtowel placed on the vinyl flooring.
  8. Examine The Floor:
    After 5-10 minutes, the user needs to examine the vinyl flooring and see if the dents are popped out or not. If the user finds out that the dents still exist, he needs to repeat the same procedure until the dents get out of vinyl flooring.
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