How To Get Dents Out Of Finished Wood: Steps To Remove

Steps To Remove Dents From Finished Wood

There are many ways by which dents can accidentally occur on the finished wood surface. If any heavy object falls on the wood floor surface or any piece of wooden furniture it can create a dent on that particular floor surface or furniture item. The wood is a long lasting and hard material. Any dent on the finished wood affects the beauty of the wood and thus need to be repaired properly. The steps are mentioned below to get the dents out of the finished wood:
  1. Fill The Dent With Water: The first step is to take an eyedropper and fill it with the water and pour few drops of water on the dented area with the help of eyedropper.
  2. Cover The Undented Wood: Then next step is to take dry rags and cover the undented area around the dented area so as to protect the area from the repair process.
  3. Place Rag On Dented Area: Now take a clean wet rag and remove the extra water from the rag by twisting it. Then place a wet rag on the dented area.
  4. Turn On The Clothes Iron: Now turn on the iron and set the iron on the highest setting to warm up completely.
  5. Place The Iron-On Dent: Then place the iron on the wet rag and the hot iron will create steam. Keep the iron moving in to and fro direction on the dented area and make sure that iron should not come in contact with the wood surface.
  6. Detach The Iron From Dent: Last step is to remove the iron and rag from the dented area. If the dent still exists then repeat the entire process. The steam causes the wood to swell up and raises the level of dent with the level of finished wood.
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