How To Get Carpet Glue Off Wood Floors: Steps To Remove Carpet Glue From Hardwood Floors

How To Remove Carpet Glue From Hardwood Floors?

The steps to follow in order to get carpet glue off wooden flooring are as follows:
  1. Identify The Glue:
    Before starting the removal process, it is necessary to identify the type of glue for which the user has to look closely at the glue. If the glue is in dark brown color, then it is most probably tar based. In order to remove such glue, mineral spirits are the recommended choice. In case, the glue is of yellow color, then it is most probably general carpet adhesive which can be removed with chipping, scrapping, and adhesive remover.
  2. Make Necessary Preparation:
    The user can begin by wearing rubber gloves in order to protect his hands. Also, the user can place a fan in the room for better circulation of air as many adhesive removers contain strong or unpleasant fumes.
  3. Chip Excessive Glue:
    Before applying anything on to the surface, the user can try to chip away excess glue from the surface. The step is mostly recommended if the glue is general carpet adhesive.
  4. Apply Mineral Spirits Or Adhesive Remover:
    The next step will be to apply mineral spirits or adhesive remover on the glued surface with the help of paintbrush or sponge. The user needs to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wait until the glue loosens.
  5. Remove The Glue:
    Once the glue loosens, the user needs to start removing it with the help of a plastic putty knife by gently scraping the knife over the glue. In order to remove glue from stubborn areas, the user can remove it with a blade. During the step, the user needs to make sure that he doesn't damage the flooring as well as himself with the blade.
  6. Remove Remaining Residue:
    Once the glue is scrapped off, the user needs to apply more adhesive remover or mineral spirits on to the old rag or towel with which he can scrub the remaining residue from the wooden flooring. The user can repeat the step until the entire glue is gone.
  7. Mop The Flooring:
    Once the glue is off the wood flooring, the user needs to mop the flooring with clean water and allow it to air dry completely afterward. The user needs to wait for at least 24 hours before sanding or using any electrical equipment in the room.
  8. Use Professional Help:
    In case, the removal process is too daunting to be completed by self, the user may need professional assistance for removing the glue or refinishing the flooring.
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