How To Get Blood Out Of A Comforter: 4 Easy & Simple Steps To Remove Blood Stain From A Comforter

A down comforter is considered one of the warm as well as cheerful addition to your bed. In order to keep your down comforter soft and clean, you need to wash it at regular intervals, which in turn will make your comforter look brand-new. However, it is highly possible that your comforter will get affected with different kinds of stains. For all the types of stains including a blood stain, it is better to deal with these stains as soon as possible, otherwise it will get very hard to remove these stains. The first and foremost thing to do is to sponge the portion of the stain with cold water. Heat of any kind will make the stain set on your comforter perfectly, so it is better to use the colder water. Make sure not to use too much water otherwise you will end up spreading the stain. Simply apply with a wet cloth, after that, blot with the help of a dry cloth. Repeat the process as long as you have completely removed the blood stains.

4 Easy & Simple Steps To Remove Blood Stains From A Comforter

Fresh blood stains present on the bedding, including a comforter, are comparatively painless stains in order to get rid off completely. Dried stains can also be eliminated, as long as the comforter has not yet been dry-cleaned. As soon as a blood stain has been cleaned and dried, then it will become extremely hard to remove, due to the reason that heat sets the stain. However, you use the same stain removal methods on fresh or dried blood in order to disappear a set-in stain. The very important factor to completely getting rid of the fresh and dried blood stains is to deal with the stains as soon as possible. In order to remove the blood stains from a comforter, go through the below mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. First of all, wet through the stained portion in cold water if in case the stain is still fresh and wet. Polish the sides of the fabric on every side of the stain together. If the stain has dried fully, make sure to wet the area rigorously with water.
  2. The next step is to put on a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain immediately, if in case the fabric is light colored. If the fabric is dark, leave out the peroxide, rather, apply the bar of soap onto the stain, getting the lather deep into the fibers.
  3. After that, put on the comforter into the washing machine and then add up laundry detergent as well as color safe bleach as per the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure to dry clean the comforter on a "cold" setting.
  4. Finally, take out the comforter from the washing machine and check the stain. If in case any residual blood stain still persists, repeat the above steps again. Do not dry the comforter as long as the stain is completely removed due to the reason that heat will set the stain into the fabric.
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