How To Frame A Sliding Glass Door: 5 Easy Steps & Items Needed

5 Easy Steps & Items Needed To Frame A Sliding Glass Door

During the process of installation of a sliding glass door, there are few important things that you need to remember & the frame is one such essential aspect when it comes to the installation. One important point that you must keep in mind while framing a sliding glass door that you frame your door perfectly in order to make sure that it will last for a longer duration of time. In order to start the framing process, gather the required items first before going through all the below mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:

Things You Will Need

  • Manufacturer's Guide
  • Framing Square
  • Measuring Tape
  • Caulk & Caulk Gun
  • Carpenters Level, 4 Foot

Step 1: Types Of Door Requirements

First of all, you need to make sure to keep the manufacturer's guide nearby, if in case you are working with a pre-hung door. This guide, as a result, provides you with detailed directions on each & everything that you will need to do in order to correctly install your door frame. However, if in case there is a nonexistent opening where you want to install your new door, then you will need the authorization to do this. In order to gain authorization, you have to produce a sketch plan as well as calculations for the upper floor loads to the permit office. In case of replacement for existing doors, the new doors need to be square and plumb.

Step 2: Prepare

Now, you need to firmly decide that the area is square and plumb. After that, with the help of a framing square, examine all the four corners of your door. If framing square doesn't work, then a 4-foot carpenter’s level will examine the sides to find out if they are level and plumb. Then, thoroughly calculate the area and ensure that the openings are nearly 1/4 inch larger along the sides as well as the top. Also, examine the area in order to make sure that there is no type of deterioration. Test the stud’s sturdiness, if in case you need another stud, you can use the second stud.

Step 3: Caulking

Caulking is regarded as the most essential part of the framing process. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to position your frame right in front of the opening. Also, remember applying too much caulk is better instead of applying a little caulk.

Step 4: Position

This is an important step where an assistant will play a major role. You have to install your frame into the openings without interrupting the caulk that was just applied. After that, get the top of the frame and tilt the top of it away from the house. Make sure to move your frame in a downward direction on the decking & do this without pushing the base of the plate towards your home.

Step 5: Nail Installation

The final step is the nail installation in the nailing flange. Start at the top right-hand side of your frame. With the help of a level, make sure to be knowledgeable about the square and plumb of the frame. Perform the nail installation the same way, with the lower left-hand side of your frame. Examine the plumb & the level on that side as well. From there you can conclude by nailing the flange all around the door. Keep checking the frame for square and plumb.
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