How To Fix Wicker Furniture: Steps To Repair/Restore, Patio, Chair Arm & Seat

General Overview

Wicker makes the beautiful furniture selection that adds beauty to the entire area. Wicker furniture is fascinating but requires the care to make it run for long such as it needs to be stored inside during hard winter months otherwise it will result in the damaging because of the moisture. The wicker can be easily repaired and restored without taking much time. The best part of repairing the wicker furniture is that its replacement parts are widely and easily available at local craft stores at budget rates.

Steps To Repair/ Restore The Wicker Patio Chair Arms And Seat

Simple steps to repair or restore the wicker furniture includes;
  1. Cleaning: To clean the wicker furniture it is very important to wipe off the dust first and follow up by the cleaning the furniture piece using mild soapy water and cloth.
  2. Remove Stains: Prepare the water and vinegar solution in order to remove the stains from the furniture pieces.
  3. Loose Ends: Examine the loose ends and repair them back to the furniture frame. Apply the wood glue at the ends and hold the ends securely till it dries.
  4. Loose Wrapping: The loose wrapping around the patio chair legs and arms need to be realigned properly.
  5. Gluing: The application of the glue under the wrapping is required. After the glue is applied to hold the wrapping together for a while until it dries properly.
  6. Restoring Broken Wicker: In case to restore the broken wicker parts. The new wicker part is supposed to be soaked into the water for approximately thirty minutes.
  7. Cut: All the broken reed pieces are supposed to be trim for all ends.
  8. Measuring: The length of the reed needs to be measured in order to replace the new reed to restore the damaged area. Use tacks in order to hold all reeds securely. Application of the glue needs to be done on the ends. Ensure to remove the tacks once the glue dries.
  9. Olive Oil: After the glue has dried properly treat the chair with the olive oil in order to make it lustrous and to keep reeds much flexible.
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