How To Fix Stencil Bleed On Wood: Useful Tips Of Fixing Stencil Bleed On Wood

Useful Tips Of Fixing Stencil Bleed On Wood

If the user is getting an issue in stencil on the wood and gets some of the bleeds, then they can try for the tips mentioned below in order to fix the bleed as well as to perform the stencil on the wood. Go through the tips carefully to achieve the desired result of your work:

Start Off With A Clean Surface

If the user is painting the base coat of the stenciling, then it is important to make sure that the paint is dry before the stenciling process. Also, the base coat's finish will help to know the coat looks. If using a flat finish, that time the stencil will go on smoothly, this is because the paint can get soaked in the base coat. If using a gloss paint over the base coat, the paint of the stencil will be on the top of gloss paint, that time apply two coats, or even more of the stencil as well as the texture of the tool used for stencil will be exposed on top of the paint which is glossy.

Practice First And The Right Tools

  • The user can use the mini sponge roller or the pouncer tool. Practice the technique before starting the process. If applying with a sponge pouncer, that time dip the pouncer in the paint as well as at the same time dap off the excess before using it on the stencil. In case of the much paint on the pouncer, that time it can get under the stencil and will ruin all the clean lines.
  • Start applying the paint to the wooden piece using the pouncer, bring down the pouncer straight. If it is brought down at an angle, then some of the paint can get under the stencil and as a result will also mess all the clean lines.
  • In case of the sponge roller, remove all the excess paint from the roller with the help of a paper towel. There must be the least amount of paint on the sponge roller. It is good to apply the few coats of the paint, instead of one thick layer. Also make sure to hold down the stencil in a spot using one hand, while stenciling with the help of the other.

You Can Fix Mistakes

  • If the user will peel back the stencil and then find some of the paint which has seeped under, that time take a piece of the damp paper towel & wipe the excess. For fixing a small area, simply wrap up the paper towel but damped all around the end of a butter knife and then after that remove the excess using the tip of knife.
  • It is very easier to wipe off the paint, at the time it is wet than trying to clean it up once it is dried. But in case if the paint has dried that time don’t despair. Instead, the user can apply some of the base paint and then fix the lines using a fine paintbrush. For the spray base paint, spray a little bit of the paint on a small paper cup, and after that fix up the lines using a fine paintbrush.

Doesn’t Look Perfect

Do not worry if the stenciling will not look perfect, this is one of the beauties of stenciling. The user wants it to look like it is handmade.

Additional Tip To Fix Paint Bleed On Wood

If in case a big drip of the paint is on the stencil, then it needs to be removed or minimized, take rubbing alcohol with a brush to striping the acrylic paint off.
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