How To Fix Squeaky Floors Upstairs: Steps To Repair Squeaky Wood Floors

General Overview

Squeaky Floors Upstairs is not a big problem which means that there is no structural damage due to Squeaky. Fixing the problem is very simple. Any type of the floor can squeak easily but the hardwood floors and staircases are the most common Squeaky.
What Is The Main Cause For The Squeaky Floors Upstairs?
The main cause for the squeak is due to the wood subfloor that is not properly attached to the joist. The subfloor should be properly screwed down to the joist. Joists are the wood beam which is placed horizontal that support the weight of the home.

Steps To Fix/Repair Squeaky Wood Floors Upstairs

The best way to fix the problem of the Squeaky Floors Upstairs is mentioned below:
  1. Location: First of all locate the place of the Squeaky Floors by walking.
  2. Tap: If the floor joist is not visible then tap the ceiling with the help of hammer.
  3. Measure: Once the location of the joist to the wall or to the nearest fixture is spotted, then write down the measurements.
  4. Walk Back Upstairs: Now Walk back upstairs and use the measurement that was to locate the joist under the squeaky area. After that Place a spiral nail on the carpet that should be exactly above the joist. Then Use a hammer to drive it straight down the carpet, however, this will not harm the carpet.
  5. Check: At last walk on the floor and check for any squeaks. If it is still squeaking, then simply hammer more nails into the joist until there is no Squeaky.
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