How To Fix Sliding Door Track: Three Easy Ways & Items Required

Three Easy ways & Items Required To Fix Sliding Door Track

The Sliding doors can be an ornamented addition to the home area however they can also annoy the users if they didn't unbind and bind up properly. The continuous use of the sliding doors can also affect the door and can even damage it. If in case the sliding door collides with the tracks or it bounces once the users unbind and binds up the sliding door or it is very hard to lift up the door then there is a pretty fair chance of fixing the door by using the right technique and tools. The users can easily fix up the sliding door track at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-described ways:

Items Required

  • Screwdriver, Wire Brush & Vacuum Cleaner
  • Spray Lubricant, Track Cap & Hacksaw
  • Rubber Mallet

Way I- Fix Up The Dragging Or The Stucked Door

  • Open The Sliding Door: Start by opening the sliding door moderately so as to insert the screwdriver within the base of the frame door corner. The wheel height fitting screws of the door are placed within the holes that are present above the base of the major and tracking frame edges.
  • Examine The Gap: Then examine the gap that is present in between the track and the door surface and there will be a reliable gap of almost 1/8 or 1/4 inch in between both of them. One of the main and the ordinary reason for the stucked door is the depressed clearance.
  • Lift The Door: Then the users need to imbed the screwdriver within that hole in the door corner with zero depression. Then swivel the screw in the clockwise direction so as to lift the sliding door till they won't achieve the gap of 1/8 inch. Then the users need to follow the same procedure on the other corner if desired.

Way II- Fix Up The Blocked Track

  • Detach The Dirt Of Door In Closed Position: Start by detaching the debris and the dust particles by using the wire brush. Keep the sliding door in the unopened position and then scrub down the track surface and the wheel guides as well. The blockage present over the door track will forbid the door wheels from working perfectly.
  • Use The Vacuum: Clean up the baggy debris particles by using the soft broom or the vacuum cleaner as well.
  • Detach The Dirt Of Door In Open Position: Then drift the sliding door in the open position and then scrub down the unprotected door track by using the wire brush and then detach the baggy dirt particles by using the broom or the vacuum cleaner as well.

Way III- Fix Up The Bumpy Operation

  • Remove The Door: Start by detaching the sliding door within its track and to do so the users need to unclose the sliding door to near about the halfway and then raise it upwards and then lift the base towards themselves till it won't get free from the track. Then they need to keep the gentle grip over the door corners while they are doing this thing. The sliding doors remain in the correct position by the track that is placed at the base and the channel that is placed at the frame top. Once the users cleared the base track then the door will fall from its frame respectively.
  • Place The Door: Then they need to place the sliding door over the steady surface.
  • Examine The Wheels: After that, examine the wheels by twisting them so as to examine deny worn spot or the cracks. Sometimes the minute rocks get trapped within the channel and thus prevents the sliding door from rolling perfectly. They need to detach or replace the defective wheel and this can be done by detaching the wheel affixed screw from the frame base. Then lubricate the wheels by the lubricating material.
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