How To Fix Scratches In Hardwood Floors From A Dog: Methods To Fix

Methods To Fix Scratches In Hardwood Floors From A Dog

The user can go for a number of options to fix the Scratches on Hardwood Floors from a dog, the best of them are as follows:

Shallow Scratches

  1. Wipe: The first step is to wipe the affected area with a soft rag which is dampened in the water, this will help to remove the dirt and grime on the affected area, make sure the affected area is clean.
  2. Spot Test: The next step is to perform the spot testing of stain to check whether it matches the floor or not before applying the wood stain to floor.
  3. Marker: Now apply the marker to the affected area, simply apply the tip of the marker on the affected area for a number of times until it covers the stain.
  4. Rub: Soak a clean rag in the mineral spirit and then press on the affected area, then rub the affected area so that all the residue is removed, rub in the directions of the grains.

Deep Scratches

  1. Clean: First of all clean the affected area for which use a microfiber cloth with a small amount of the floor cleaner to remove any dirt or grime from the floor.
  2. Rinse: Once the affected area is cleaned the next step is to rinse the area with another rag dampened in the clean water to remove the cleaner residue. Before moving towards the other step let the area dry completely.
  3. Top Coating: After the affected area is dry, then apply the thin layer of the protective finish of polyurethane varnish with the small tipped brush. The best is to use the same finish that the hardwood floor already have.
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