How To Fix Scratches In Fiberglass Tub: 5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Scratches

5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Scratches In The Fiberglass Tub

The users can always try to remove all the scratches themselves instead of going for professional help as it is not a difficult task to perform yourself. In order to get rid of the scratches in the fiberglass tub, follow the steps mentioned below carefully, and achieve the desired result:
  1. Clean The Tub’s Surface: For the cleaning process, fill up a gallon bucket with the warm water and add a mild cleaner, like dish detergent. Take a clean and soft cloth soaked in the prepared solution mixture to give the fiberglass tub a thorough cleaning. It is advisable to be careful not to use anything abrasive to clean the tub, as it can result in more scratches and also can chip away at the scratches that are already on the surface. Then dry the fiberglass tub simply by allowing it to air-dry or dry by using a clean cloth.
  2. Petroleum Jelly: After the above step is done, then buff the area with the help of petroleum jelly, for that apply a small amount of the petroleum jelly to a microfiber towel. Buff the petroleum jelly gently in a small circular motion on the scratched areas of the fiberglass tub. Continue this process until the scratches are removed from the surface.
  3. Polishing Compound: In case of the deep scratches use a polishing compound. The deeper scratches will require a liquid polishing compound due to the fact that it is safe to use on a fiberglass tub. This type of compound can easily restore the smoothness of the surface and also will help fix more stubborn scratches. Use the same motion for applying the compound on the scratched areas with the help of a clean, soft towel, and continue until all the scratches become very less visible.
  4. Treat Toughest Scratches With Sandpaper: The tough scratches can be removed with the help of fine-grit sandpaper-like 200-grit or higher for smoothing out the scratched surface. Sand down the scratched areas and then use the nail to check out the depth of the scratches. If still, the nail tip of the nail will fit inside the scratch, that time add a bit more until all the surface will be smooth. Then finally, buff out the area using the polishing compound for restoring the surface shine.
  5. Rinse And Dry The Tub: Rinse the tub using the showerhead or by simply wiping it down with the help of a clean, wet cloth. Leave it to air-dry or it can also be dried with a soft towel.
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