How To Fix Sagging Patio Chairs: Steps To Fix

Steps For How To Fix Sagging In Patio Chairs

To fix the sagging in the patio chairs the users need to follow the below-given steps:
  1. Material Required: The first step is to gather all the material that is required for fixing the sagging in patio chairs like Tape Measure, Centipede Portable Work Stand, Screws, Chalk Line, Track Saw, Scissors, and Palm Sander.
  2. Measure The Seat Frame: Next step is to take a measuring tape and determine the dimensions of the seat frame to know the amount of plywood that is needed for covering the seat frame.
  3. Cut The Plywood: Now cut the plywood for seat frame according to the specified dimensions with the help of a track saw or circular saw.
  4. Cutting The Lumber: Next step is to cut the lumber sheet. For providing support to the plywood the users can place the insulation foam under the plywood and cut the plywood, the insulation is cut by a saw blade.
  5. Remove Webbing: If there exists any webbing on the seat frame, then cut the webbing and remove it from the seat frame.
  6. Trace And Cut: Next step is to trace the seat frame at the corners and cut the plywood to a specific shape with the help of jigsaw.
  7. Sand The Plywood: Now make the rough edges of the plywood smoother by sanding the entire plywood with the help of palm sander.
  8. Prime And Paint: To protect the seat frame from damage, apply a coat of primer and then a coat of paint to seal the seat frame.
  9. Secure Seat Frame: Secure the plywood with the seat frame by using screws at the corners and also insert the screws at the cross supports.
  10. Set Seat Frame: The last step is to place the plywood seat frame on the furniture
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