How To Fix Peeling Paint On Furniture: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Fix Peeling Paint On Furniture

Any wood painted furniture adds elegance & warmth in our homes but you need to know that the applied paint tends to chip after a few years. Repairing process of this type of issue is not a difficult & lengthy task to perform. When you see the problem with your furniture then you need to fix it as early as possible. If the outside weather is damp then you need to wait for a dry day with 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures due to the fact that the paint will dry properly & quickly. You can fix deep paint chips with the help of wood filler in a short period of time. Collect the mentioned items first and then follow all the steps:

Things You Will Need

  • Dish Soap & 1-Inch Paintbrush
  • Water & Sponge
  • Sandpaper, 120-Grit To 180-Grit
  • Wood Filler
  • Craft Sticks & Shop Cloths
  • Primer Paint & Disposable Bowl Or Plastic Cup

Steps For This Process

  • First of all, you need to squirt a small amount of your dish soap in 2 cups of clean water( double or triple it, if working on a large surface) because the dish soap comes with degreasers that will remove oils from your furniture that can avert your fresh paint from adhering to the old layer of paint.
  • Next you need to dip your sponge into the created mixture & wring it out. Clean the dust, fingerprints, soil off of your wood furniture.
  • Then you have to sand the edges of the chipped paint affected area. Use a light pressure to gently feather the edges of the chip painted to make the repair invisible.
  • You need to apply wood filler to the deeper chips of your furniture by using a craft stick to apply the required amount of filler at a time.
  • Hold the edge of craft stick horizontal to the wood furniture and run it across the surface of applied wood filler to check that the applied wood filler is thoroughly flush with the rest of the paint on your furniture trim.
  • Wipe off any extra filler by using a clean shop cloth. Allow the wood filler to dry wholly & then sand it to make the surface smooth. Wipe away any remaining dust.
  • Now you need to paint a thin coat of primer wood furniture and make sure that the paint adheres decently & dries without leaving any dull spot. Let the applied primer dry wholly according to the manufacturer's guidance.
  • Once dried, now sand the applied primer gently with sandpaper(220-grit) to get a smoother finish, but use a very light touch to avert scraping off your primer.
  • Pour only required paint in a disposable bowl and then dip your 1-inch paintbrush into the paint & wipe extra paint on the bowl.
  • Finally you need to apply the paint to the peeling paint area by using little dabbing motions and then use long, even strokes to blend it into the remaining area of your wood furniture. Allow the applied paint dry wholly, and apply a second coat if necessary, if not then leave it to dry.

Tip & Warning

  • Tip: Always use matching paint to fix the peeling paint issue on your furniture.
  • Warning: You need to know that don't leave unused paint in your bowl because your young children can touch it or they can lick it.
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