How To Fix Peeling Cabinets: Easy Methods To Fix

Methods To Fix Peeling Cabinets

Most of the cabinets consist of medium-density particleboard base and veneer. Over time, the veneer peels off to expose the particleboard base that can be fixed by following the below-given methods;

Fix Small Peeling

The steps to fix the cabinets with small peeling are as follows;
  1. Remove Loose Debris: The basic step will be to remove all the loose debris under the veneer and over the particleboard. First, the user needs to lift the peeled back veneer and scrape off all the loose chips & debris under it by using a knife. If the veneer cannot be lifted up, the user needs to insert the tip of a putty knife under peeled edges of veneer and scrape off as much loose debris as possible.
  2. Apply Adhesive: After that, the user needs to pry up veneer slightly by using a putty knife and apply an equal amount of adhesive over the particleboard and under the veneer. It has been recommended to use spray adhesive and apply a light coat for effective results. After spraying the adhesive, it is necessary to hold the veneer pry up for several minutes until the adhesive becomes tacky.
  3. Attach Veneer To Particleboard: The next step will be to attach the veneer to particleboard by pressing it over with fingers. It has been recommended to place spring clamps over the repaired edge as per requirements in order to hold the veneer at a place. At last, the user needs to let the adhesive dry as per label instructions before removing the spring clamps and putting the cabinets back to use.

Fix Long & Extended Peeling

In case, the peeled section is long and it extends into the door's interior, the user can fix it by following the below-given steps;
  1. Remove Doors: The first step will be to remove the door from the hinges by using a screwdriver and place it across two sawhorses.
  2. Scrape Off Loose Debris: The next step will be to lift the long peeled areas with hand or putty knife and scrape out as much loose debris or chips as possible under the veneer. The smaller chips can be scraped by using a brush.
  3. Apply Adhesive & Attach Veneer: After that, the user needs to spray adhesive in even layer over the particleboard base and over the backside of the veneer. It has been recommended to let the adhesive become tacky for several minutes before pressing the veneer over core base. The user needs to smoothen the veneer with his fingers and place heavy objects like boxes & books over it until the adhesive dries.
  4. Reattach Doors: Once the glue dries and the veneer gets attached to the particleboard, the user needs to finish the process by reattaching the doors back to the cabinets by using a screwdriver.
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