How To Fix Lumpy Couch Cushions: Steps To Repair Lumpy/Sagging Couch Cushions

Steps To Repair Lumpy/Sagging Couch With Attached Cushions

The other name of couch is futon, sofa, chesterfield as well as settee. These kinds of couches are mostly placed in our homes and offices for daily use. The life span of the couch is nearly 15 years if you take proper care of it, the cushions of the couch can easily be lumpy after a short period of time and this will not be good for you, In order to fix this problem without wasting any time, you need to follow the given steps carefully. Here are the quick and easy steps to get rid of this problem:

Broken Support Frame

  1. Place: This is the first step you need to take. Simply place your couch cushions upside down and remove the staples out from the cover that hides the framing and springs with pair of pliers. Move the cover out of the way to unmasking the springs & framing.
  2. Inspect: Next, inspect the framework that holds the springs in correct place. Frequently, the framework breaks and this is the main reason for the springs to start sagging. Check each broken board.
  3. Cut: After following all the previous steps, now you need to cut a piece of 1/2-inch board to the comparable length as the broken board with the help of a miter saw.
  4. Broken Board: Straighten out the broken board so the board can run in a straight line easily and then place a new piece of board over the broken piece of board so the new board can run in the length of the broken board.
  5. Drill: Drill pilot hole in every six inches down the full length of your new board and then you need to drive wood screws through with the new board and also into the broken board with the help of a screwdriver. The new board will work as a splint and adds rigidity to your couch cushions.

Broken Spring

If you have broken springs in the couch cushions then you need to follow the given steps in order to fix this issue:
  1. Place: The first thing you need to do is to place your couch cushions upside down and then staples out of the covers of the couch cushions that hideout the springs & framing with pair of pliers.
  2. Locate: Locate the broken springs inside your couch cushions as you do before in previous steps. You can easily locate them because they are no longer press betwixt the support beams on your couch cushions. Remove all the pieces of broken springs.
  3. Compressor Tool: After removing the broken springs from the couch cushions now, place a spring tool (compressor) onto each side of the substitution spring and then compress the compressor tool by turning the handles of it with the help of a wrench.
  4. Remove: Once done, then place the spring betwixt the supports and then start turning the handle on the compression tools according to counterclockwise motion and then remove the spring compression tools from the spring to hold it in that place.
  5. Staple: This is your final step, place the cover onto the bottom of your each couch cushions and then staple it in the correct place by using a staple gun. You need to handle the staple gun because sometimes it can hurt you easily, you can also wear the gloves on your hands.
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