How To Fix Gouges In Hardwood Floors: Steps To Fix Gouges, Dents & Deep Scratches In Wood Floors

General Overview

Scratches are common on hardwood floors and need to be treated as soon as possible. Light and minor scratches can be treated normally using the commercial touch up kit. However, in case of the deep gouges or scratches, these kits just help in fading them rather than treating them completely.

How To Fix Deep Dents, Gouges & Scratches From Hardwood Floor?

The ways to fix or repair the deep gouges and scratches from the hardwood floor are mentioned below:
  1. Scraping: If the scratch is minor just apply the wax over it and let it dry for some time. Once dried, rub it using a soft cloth to make it lustrous again.
  2. Scratch: The furniture touch up pens are best to use at shallow scratches. Make use of the exact matching pen. The brown shoe polish can be applied over the shallow scratches as well. If there is a color mismatch then make sure to rub the excess of it prior it dries.
  3. Gouge: Use wax filler stick of the matching floor color and rub the surface with the same till gouge or dent is completely filled. Follow it by rubbing using a soft cloth.
  4. Deep Gouge: Apply the matching colored wood putty into the deep gouge. Alternatively, epoxy glue can also be used with sanding dust or the universal colorant to fill the gouge. Let it dry and follow the slight sanding process to make the spot smooth. Once done, coat it with the compatible finish that adheres well to it to make the spot disappear completely.
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