How To Fix Gap Between Cabinet Doors: 5 Best Ways Of Fixing Gap Between Cabinet Doors

5 Best Ways Of Fixing Gap Between Cabinet Doors

The gaps between the cabinet doors will make a kitchen look bad and may also be embarrassing to the homeowner. Fortunately, with just a single screwdriver and a little technique, the door gap can be fixed. The best ways to fill the gaps between the cabinet doors are mentioned below:

Way 1: Tighten Loose Mounting Screws

First of all, open the cabinet doors and then look at the part of the hinge that is attached to the cabinet box. There are two screws, that are located right at the top as well as at the bottom of the hinge. Simply turn these two screws in the clockwise direction to make sure that the door is secure and the gap is fixed.

Way 2: Adjust The Door Up Or Down

If incase tightening the mounting screws will not solve the problem and the cabinet door is still too high or too low, that time look for a screw that adjusts the cabinet door up as well down. In some cases there can be no separate screw for this process, that time loosen the 2 mounting screws on both the hinges, then simply adjust the cabinet door to the needed height, and re-tighten the mounting screws.

Way 3: Adjust The Door Right Or Left

In this option use the side-to-side adjustment for moving the door right or to the left for aligning the cabinet door with its neighbor or simply with the edges of the cabinet box. The user can adjust one or both of the hinges that are on each of the doors, it totally depends on how much the correction it needs. If in case the door is tilting down to the right side, that time simply turn the side-to-side screw that is on the top of the hinge so this will help to pull the hinge closer to the side of the cabinet, moving the top side of the cabinet door to the left. If this will not work, then simply adjust the side-to-side screw that is on the bottom hinge, this will help to move the hinge away to the cabinet, and will move the bottom of the cabinet door to the right.

Way 4: Adjust The Door In Or Out

With the help of a depth adjustment screw, the user can move the door in as well as out in relation to the cabinet box. This is because the wooden doors can easily warp a bit, when the seasonal humidity changes, a cabinet door can pull away from the box right at the top or at the bottom rather than meeting the box when the door is closed, it will cause the door to bounce once it closes. If in case the door does not meet the box at the top, that time the user needs to adjust the top hinge towards the cabinet or simply adjust the hinge at the bottom, away from the cabinet. For the gap at the bottom, simply do the reverse.

Way 5: Test The Door

Close the cabinet door after each of the minor adjustments to ensure that the user is moving it in the right direction and check whether it needs more adjustment or not.
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