How To Fix Dents In Prefinished Hardwood Floor: Steps To Repair

General Overview

Hardwood floors are very much attractive and are functional, they add great resale value to the home or office. Besides the hardwood floors are very easy to clean. The dents, scratches, and dings if repaired at the right time then it can lead to bad results and can ruin's the floors look. Fixing the dents or scratches is an easy task, but needs to be done with the full focus.

What Are The Steps To Fix/Repair Dents In Prefinished Hardwood Floor?

Repairing dents in a prefinished Hardwood floor is very important and in doing so the customer needs to follow certain steps. The steps to repair the dents in the Prefinished Hardwood Floor are mentioned below:
  1. Clean: Begin with cleaning the area around the dent of oil, dirt and dust.
  2. Wax: Select the best wax stick that will best match the color of the floor.
  3. Install: Now install the flat heating tip and ignite the micro torch. After that touch the wax stick with torch tip and carefully drip the small amount on the dent.
  4. Putty Knife: Now use the putty knife ver the wet wax, so that it will be pushed in the dent, but perform this process while the wax is soft and pliable.
  5. Excess: Once the wax is dry then carefully remove the excess wax with the cloth.
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