How To Fix Cupping Hardwood Floors: Steps To Get Rid Of Cupped Wood Floors

General Overview

The reason behind the hardwood cupping is mainly the moisture content because moisture built up in the hardwood floors results into the expanding and wrapping of the wood flooring. The temperature controlled rooms do not get much affected with cupping, however, if the water stays for a more longer time on the floor it may cause the floor to cup if not treated immediately with dehumidifiers.

Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Cupped Wood Floors

1.Analyze Moisture Level: The first step is to get the proper analyses if the moisture level using the moisture meter.
2.Remove Furnishing: The room needs to empty by removing all furnishing and other things. Once done remove the shoe molding along with the threshold from the surface.
3.Vacuum: Now vacuum the room deeply to clean all the debris and grime deeply.
4.Sander: Get sander to sand the surface evenly make sure to attach the 36-grit sandpaper to it and use it in the directions of the grain. Ensure to sand the edges as well. If the sandpaper shows the sign of wear make sure to change it in order to complete the process.
5.Re- Vacuum: Once done re-vacuum the entire room to clean the sanding leftover.
6.50-grit Sandpaper: The 50-grit sandpaper is required to attach the sander again for re-sanding to make the entire floor even and leveled.
6.80 -grit Sandpaper: For refinishing use the 80-grit sandpaper and sand the floor again.
7.Urethane Finish: Apply the coat of the urethane finish over the floor and allow it to dry for a night.
8.Sanding: Once the finish dries use the 120 grit sandpaper to sand the floor again and follow up by the vacuuming.
9.Second Coat: Once the second coat of the finish dries use the 50 grit sandpaper again to sand the floor and remove all the dust using the tack cloth.
10.Third Coat: Application of third finish coat is required and let it dry again for the overnight.
11.Sanding: The sanding must be followed by using 180-grit sandpaper and wipe off the dust again.
12.Final Coat: Final coat of the finish should be applied and allowed to dry for at least three days.
13.Reattach The Threshold: Reattach the shoe molding and threshold again after the finish dries.
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