How To Fix Cracked Wood Furniture: Different Ways To Fix

Different Ways To Fix The Cracks In The Wooden Furniture

There are many ways by which the users can fix the cracks in the wooden furniture. Some of the ways are given below:

Using Wood Putty Or Filler Sticks

  1. Purchase Filler: The first step is to purchase the wood putty or wood filler sticks so that the cracks can be filled properly with these materials.
  2. Push The Filler In Cracked Area: Next step is to put the filler stick in the cracked area. This can be done by rubbing the filler stick on the affected area and with the help of fingers spread the filler on the entire cracked area. If the user uses wood putty then the putty knife can be used to spread the putty on the cracked area.
  3. Overfill The Crack: Then continue to fill the crack with filler until the cracked area fills completely.
  4. Smooth The Filler: Now the next step is to make the surface of the wood furniture smooth. Take a putty knife or clean rag for making the furniture surface flat.
  5. Let The Wood Filler Dry: After making the surface smooth, the users need to leave the wood furniture to dry for about 8 hours.
  6. Sand Excess Filler: Then take fine-grit sandpaper and remove the extra filler from the cracked area of the furniture.

Filling Cracks With Glue And Sawdust

  1. Get Sawdust: The users need to get the sawdust according to the color and type of the wood furniture in which the crack is to be filled.
  2. Squeeze Wood Glue: Next step is to purchase the wood glue and fill the cracked area with the wood glue by squeezing the glue bottle until the cracked area fills properly with the wood glue.
  3. Cover The Glue: Now the users need to put the sawdust on the glued area so that the cracked area completely gets covered with the sawdust. With the help of fingers rub the cracked area and check whether the sawdust properly sits on the glue. After finishing the sawdust matches with the color of the rest wood furniture.
  4. Let The Glue Dry: Then allow the glue to dry completely. If the crack is still visible then again apply the combination of glue and sawdust.
  5. Sand The Crack: For making the surface smooth, the users need to use the fine-grit sandpaper and rub it over the affected area to make it unnoticeable.
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