How To Fix Compressed Wood Furniture: Steps And Items Needed

General Overview

Wood furniture looks great in our homes, offices, and buildings and most of the furniture products are manufactured using wood including the items like chairs, dining tables, study tables, etc. The most important benifit of the wood furniture is the life span and durability, which is exceptional if we take good care of these items. Plywood, particle boards, wood floor planks are composed of the compressed wood. Wood compressing method is used to make different types of moderate furniture like floor planks, stairs planks but after a short period of time, the compressed wood furniture needs to repair because of color fadeness and other damages.

Steps And Items Needed To Fix Compressed Wood Furniture

If you want to fix the compressed wood furniture then you need some useful items for doing this job and also follow the given steps carefully, if you skip any step then you won't get the best results:

Required Items

  • Stiff-Bristled Brush.
  • Vacuum.
  • Medium-Grit Sanding Block.
  • Wood Filler.
  • Putty Knife.
  • Fine-Grit Sanding Block.
  • Primer.
  • Paintbrush, Small Roller Or Spray Primer.


  1. Remove: First remove the rotted wood or loose chips from the damaged area of the wood furniture with a stiff-bristled brush. Now, sand rough edges smoothly with a medium-grit sanding block then use a vacuum cleaner in order to get rid of dust, dirt and small pieces of particle board because the wood filler will not stick fast to dust and dirt.
  2. Fill: After removing the loose chips and other things from your wood furniture, damaged area should be filled up with wood filler by taking the help of a putty knife because wood filler start shrinking as it dries, apply enough filler to the surface to allow for easier sanding before allowing the filler to dry completely.
  3. Sand: Now, sand the damaged or patched area with a medium-grit sanding block. Remove the sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner then apply a second layer of the wood filler before making it to dry completely.
  4. Sand Again: Again start the process of sanding and smooth the wood filler with a fine-grit sanding block. Feather the edges of the filler into the surface of the compressed wood furniture, remove the sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Apply: Now, apply a third coat of the wood filler if needed, depending on the size of the patched or damaged area. Dry the filler before sanding it smoothly with the fine-grit sanding block.
  6. Prime: Finally prime compressed wood furniture if you are painting it. Use a paintbrush, small roller or spray can apply the primer and let the wood dry completely before you apply paint on the wood.
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