How To Fix Cloudy Polyurethane: 4 Easy Steps

General Overview

Polyurethane finishes sometimes look appearing the cloudy because of the number of reasons such as finish applied over the wood surface was old. Another reason for the cloudy finish is that the Polyurethane was stored in an extremely cold or hot place. If the finish is applied over the surface that is not properly cleaned or has oil over it that will also result in the cloudy appearance.

4 Easy Steps To Fix Cloudy Polyurethane Finish

Here are the simple ways to fix the cloudy polyurethane finish:
  1. Check: Properly check if the polyurethane is completely dry or not.
  2. Mineral Spirits: Pour the little amount of the mineral spirits over the sponge and cover the sponge with a white cloth and rub on the surface.
  3. Dry: Allow it to dry and use a sponge and white cloth to clean it again. Continue the process till the cloudy appearance vanishes.
  4. Sanding: Sand the finish using 220 grit sandpaper to remove all the cloudy Polyurethane finish and follow it by applying the new finish as per the instructions labeled.
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