How To Fix Bubbles In Polyurethane Floor Finish: Steps To Clear The Bubbles

Steps To Clear The Bubbles In Polyurethane Floor Finish

The bubbles can make the Polyurethane Floor Finish look very bad. It can get formed even when using a high-quality paintbrush. However, and if they are not cleared while they are fresh, they will become part of the finish.

Bubbles In Fresh Finish

Some of the tips that can be used to avoid/Fix the bubbles in the fresh finish are as follows:
  1. Shake: Do not shake the can of the Polyurethane and do not wipe the brush on the sides of the can both the steps introduce bubbles in the Polyurethane finish.
  2. Friction: The friction of the paintbrush with the floor also creates the bubbles as soon as they happen, Dab the bubbles slightly with the tip of the paintbrush.
  3. Brush: While applying the Polyurethane finish Run the brush very lightly on the surface to flatten any bubbles in the finish.

Bubbles In Hardened Finish

The bubbles in the hardened finish can only be removed with sanding and applying a new coat. The process of sanding is mentioned below:
  1. Scuff: Sand the affected area with the fine sandpaper or 120-grit paper, in case the bubbling is extensive, then sand with a palm sander or floor buffer and a sanding screen.
  2. Wipe: Now clean the surface by wiping away the sanding dust with clean damp cloth.
  3. Apply: Apply a fresh coat of Polyurethane finish, but slowly moving the applicator to avoid more bubbles.
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